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Improving Patient Safety

With the constant stream of new and updated medical devices driving up the number of recalls, the need for hospitals to track, trace, and manage clinical inventory is more critical than ever. See how Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) Cloud, Oracle Digital Assistant, and Oracle Analytics can improve patient safety and optimize clinical inventories.

Increase Patient Safety. Optimize Clinical Inventory.

Embracing Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Supply Chain Management Cloud

Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud

Enable Traceability
Oracle SCM Cloud improves clinical inventory visibility to locations, quantities, and history as well as lot and unique device identifiers.

Analytics Cloud

Oracle Analytics Cloud

Generate Encounter Lists for Providers
Oracle Analytics Cloud with Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse generates encounter lists for providers to reach out to their patients in the event of a recall.

Digital Assistant

Oracle Digital Assistant

Increase Patient Care Time
Oracle Digital Assistant allows clinicians to quickly locate supplies while on the go, with built-in machine learning to understand intent and maintain context.

Product Hub Cloud

Oracle Product Hub Cloud

Connect to Device Manufacturers
Oracle Product Hub Cloud enables collaboration and connectivity to device manufacturers or third-party data providers to onboard new product information.

Supply Chain Planning Cloud

Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud

Understand Demand
Oracle Supply Chain Planning leverages actual consumption history to create a forecast, automates procurement, and dynamically calculates safety stocks.

Oracle Cloud

Oracle Cloud

Transforming Healthcare
Oracle enables healthcare transformation with a complete set of SaaS and PaaS solutions, including ERP, EPM, HCM, CX, and supply chain cloud applications.

Medical Device Traceability to the Patient

As costs rise globally throughout the healthcare industry, hospitals must search for new opportunities to reduce cost while improving care. One important and often undermanaged area is getting closer scrutiny: healthcare supply chains. Even more important is the need to improve patient safety. In the event of a medical device recall, most hospitals struggle to identify what they have on hand and which patients have been impacted. This technical brief explains the essential steps hospitals can take to enable a clinically integrated, patient-centered supply chain.

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Oracle Healthcare Resources

What is Autonomous Database

What Is Autonomous Database?

Oracle Autonomous Database brings together decades of database and infrastructure automation and new technology in the cloud to deliver a fully autonomous database.

Oracle Digital Assistant

Oracle Digital Assistant

Chatbots have quickly become a critical platform for interacting with users, customers, and prospects. Organizations can now engage customers and employees in a proactive, personalized way at scale across web, mobile, and messaging platforms.

Oracle Demand Management

Oracle Demand Management

Better real-time demand insight is only useful if you can translate it into a more accurate forecast. Oracle Demand Management Cloud’s patented Bayesian analytical forecast engine generates the most accurate forecasts possible.

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