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Engage your guests at booking and during pre-arrival on your digital marketing channels

Oracle's Nor1 eStandby Upgrade presents confirmed or unconfirmed upsell offers to guests on your booking engine, and on any email sent during pre-arrival. eStandby is customizable and easy to implement, and gives your hotel the flexibility to respond to guest requests on our powerful portal, or to completely automate the process with an integration to OPERA PMS.

Nor1 hotel

Customizable to your operations

eStandby Upgrade
  • Standard API connections for booking engine and email providers
  • Robust business rules enable automated confirmation of guest offer requests based on available inventory
  • Flexible configuration means you can choose to manually award limited or non-inventory items as necessary
  • Intuitive, easy to use portal provides full visibility into guest upsell request status
  • In app, on-demand reporting for up-to-date revenue data
  • Can be fully integrated into OPERA PMS with the Nor1 OXI

Engage your guests across their pre-arrival journey

Multichannel offer exposure

Multichannel offer exposure

Display offers on your booking engine and your emails so guest can choose based on when it’s convenient for them.

Monetize room attributes and non-room inventory

Monetize room attributes and nonroom inventory

Create value for your guests while generating revenue from products and services beyond room categories.

Powered by AI

Powered by AI

Let Nor1’s PRiME select, price, and present offers while you focus on revenue strategy.

Digital marketing channel integration

eStandby Upgrade integrates seamlessly with brand and off-the-shelf booking engines and email providers using an open API. Because it’s an API, you can incorporate the dynamic eStandby call-to-action in your existing design scheme for consistent look-and-feel on your property or brand booking engine, on your confirmation email, and on your pre-stay email. We’ll recommend placement so the call-to-action has great visibility and high click-through-rate, making it easy for your guests to customize their stay while creating incremental revenue for your hotel.

Pre-arrival offer email

In addition to brand confirmation and pre-stay emails, Nor1 can send a dedicated offer email to your customers from seven to three days prior to arrival, capitalizing on guests’ focus on their upcoming travel. Using one of our expertly crafted and easy to use templates customized to your hotel, these emails have open rates, click-through-rates, and request.

The Nor1 portal

More than just a dashboard, the Nor1 Portal is the center of your hotel’s upselling strategy. Manage offer content, business rules and pricing, view all confirmed upgrades, and action any pending requests all in one intuitive website. All Nor1 products are available in the portal with a single sign-on, streamlining operations, and providing visibility to data and trends based on user rights.

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