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Life Sciences Customer Successes

behring logo

CSL Behring partners with Oracle to support process automation


CSL Behring

Trying to find partnership with Oracle around the Argus platform is so important for people in my position.
Richard Wolf, Head of Pharmacovigilance Operations, CSL Behring
BeiGene logo

BeiGene drives clinical operation efficiency with Oracle CTMS



Oracle CTMS is a very mature platform, and also the platform has evolved together with the industry for several decades, and also quite a lot of best practices in this industry have been embedded in the system.
Cheryl Chen, Head of Clinical System Implementation, BeiGene
behring logo

CSL Behring trusts Oracle for global regulatory compliance in pharmacovigilance


CSL Behring

Convince me you understand and are able to deliver as well as Oracle Argus does. And that's a hard one. That takes time for a competitor to build that trust.
Richard Wolf, Head of Pharmacovigilance Operations, CSL Behring

Servier Laboratories

Servier Selects Oracle's Clinical One to Unify Clinical Operations


Servier Laboratories

We were looking for capabilities able to reflect our end-to-end clinical processes with a unified platform, easy to use, easy to update, easy to upgrade, and easy to maintain, really.
Laure Savarin, Program Director for SCORE, Servier Laboratories
BeiGene logo

BeiGene chooses Oracle CTMS to manage clinical trial data



We have worked together with a lot of service providers and Oracle is the best.
Cheryl Chen, Head of Clinical System Implementation, BeiGene
Health Decisions logo

“One Stop Shop” Clinical One Reduces Timelines for Health Decisions


Health Decisions

It's just one platform, where everything works together...which is a time saver for us, it’s cost saving for us, and we pass that savings onto our sponsors.
Michele Taylor-Scott, Head of Data Management, Health Decisions
Exelixis logo

Exelixis Deploys InForm to Help Stabilize Their Clinical Study Process



The flexibility in how we can set up our different trial designs has been really helpful.
Vicken Yanikian, Associate Director, Clinical Data Management Systems, Exelixis
Oyster Point Pharma logo

Oyster Point Uses Clinical One to Save Trial Time, Cost, and Resources


Oyster Point Pharma

The trials were successful…we will be using the platform again. Since we had such success the first time, why change it?
Kristen Striffler, Associate Director, Clinical Development, Oyster Point Pharma
Pfizer logo

Oracle Health Sciences Helps Pfizer Define the Future of Data Management with Data Management Workbench and InForm



The greatest benefit of using InForm and DMW is that the systems were made for each other. From a metadata perspective, they work together.
Ralph Russo, Senior Director, Database Management, Pfizer
Rho logo

Oracle Siebel CTMS Helps Rho to Mine Data, Remove Excel Trackers, and More



Our top benefit with Oracle CTMS is related to trip reports. What we have seen since we have rolled it out is that our CRAs have a much more efficient turnaround time in being able to write their trip reports. So that’s a huge efficiency that we can see.
Nick Poulson, Sr. Project Manager, Rho
Pfizer logo

Pfizer Deems Oracle Health Sciences’ Connected Environment as a Significant Differentiator in Clinical Data Management



Another big point is the ability to incorporate the third party data through the same interface. One of the top features of DMW is you now have an interface that marries up with what you’re collecting in the EDC.
Demetris Zambas, Global Head of Data Monitoring and Management, Pfizer

GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare Uses Oracle Siebel CTMS for Study Tracking Optimization


GE Healthcare

We’ve never been able to say ‘this is the number of GE-sponsored studies that we have’… We can now do that in the CTMS because we know that all of our active studies are being tracked in there. That was a big win.
Sher-ree Beekman, Senior Manager, Research Operations, GE Healthcare
4C Pharma Solutions logo

4C Pharma Stamps Oracle Argus the Gold Standard in Safety Solutions


4C Pharma Solutions

Argus is a Gold Standard for a reason, and the best way to describe it is because it’s so clean and so easy to use, and there’s no complexity to it.
Muhammad Ahmad, M.D., Chief Operating Officer, 4C Pharma Solutions
Syneos Health logo

Syneos Spotlights Two-Decade Partnership and Oracle Argus


Syneos Health

Syneos has been a partner with Oracle for over two decades...Being a large CRO, we have a lot of business that we have to support and we need a reliable partner in that regard. And Oracle really delivers on that.
Joshua Wilson, Executive Director, Biometrics, Syneos Health
Crown CRO logo

Crown CRO: Igniting Growth and Closing Deals


Crown CRO

For a small company like us, Oracle Argus was the only way to go.
Timo Toivonen, Vice President, Services, Crown CRO
discngine logo

Discngine Reduces Time Spent on Security Certifications with Oracle Cloud Guard



At Discngine, we rely on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to allow our researchers to model their protein structures and small molecules.
Alexandre Gillet-Markowska, Cloud Security Officer, Discngine
ELEM Biotech logo

ELEM Biotech Creates a Virtual You on Oracle Cloud


ELEM Biotech

Our challenge is to make our simulation program as accurate and efficient as possible. We need a cloud platform that is flexible, powerful, and secure. We get that from Oracle.
Mariano Vazquez, Chief Technology Officer, ELEM Biotech