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News and Blogs

Blog: The treacherous study startup journey


As the industry focuses their efforts to improve study startup, stakeholders are reaching out to providers well-versed in the intricacies of study startup, who have a proven track record.

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Blog: Reducing complexity in starting clinical trials - more patients, faster startup


Learn about the collaboration between Cognizant and Oracle that eliminates redundancy for sites and delivers better outcomes for sponsors and CROs.

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Blog: Miniaturized organs are joining the fight against COVID-19, cancer


"Body-on-a-chip" innovation will make clinical trials faster, safer.

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Article: Trendspotting: Decentralized Trials, AI, Real-World Data in 2021


Leaders in clinical research are working hard to synthesize what 2020 brought us and apply learnings to 2021.

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Article: Pandemic Accelerates The Evolution Of Clinical Trials


How much has the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the evolution of clinical trials? A new report from Oracle Health Sciences and Informa Pharma Intelligence attempts to answer that question.

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Blog: From ‘System Sprawl’ to ‘Light Speed’ – Transforming Trial Technology


Sponsors and trial designers can be vexed when it comes to using existing tools to manage data from a growing number of sources, along with the “system sprawl” that forces users to master multiple applications and manage integrations among those applications.

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Article: Oracle Health Sciences 2021 Industry Predictions


This industry won't be going back to “the old way.” Oracle GM and SVP, Henry McNamara, makes predictions for sponsors and CROs in 2021.

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Blog: Spreading Joy to Those in Need – The Role of Therapy Dogs in a Clinical Setting


There’s a reason that you may have seen a dog roaming the halls of your local hospital. Research shows that animals can improve the mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing of their human companions.

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Blog: The Big Picture


Final recommendations on your UX study allow your stakeholders to quickly understand the big takeaway from this project, and take the appropriate actions in response to those findings.

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Blog: Zoinks! What does it all Mean?


How do you communicate your findings from a UX study so that your stakeholders can actually understand them the way you do, and use them to improve the user experience?

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Blog: Oracle Requests your Participation in Survey on Machine Learning


How are organizations approaching the adoption of machine learning capabilities to the planning and execution of clinical trials?

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Blog: U-Turn or Norm? #NoGoingBack and Decentralized Trials in a post-COVID-19 World


Stakeholders have been very vocal – there is no turning back – cumulating in the #NoGoingBack movement, arguing that the pace of innovation adoption must continue in a post-COVID-19 world.

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Article: COVID-19 Fueling Decentralized Trial Surge: Oracle Survey


A recent survey conducted by Oracle reveals trial professionals’ thoughts, feelings and behavior around decentralized research in the face of the pandemic.

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Blog: Decentralized Trials — Changing Clinical Research Forever


The concept of decentralized trials with “hybrid” (in-person and remote patient visits) or fully-remote subject visits has just been catapulted beyond small satellite innovation teams to becoming the new norm.

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Blog: Cloud and AI in Safety Management: A Conversation with ICON


ICON discusses the efficiencies gained moving their safety case management to the cloud while maintaining quality and accuracy.

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Press Release: Survey: COVID-19 the Tipping Point for Decentralized Clinical Trials


76% of industry respondents are now running some decentralized trials, but cite concerns with data collection and quality.

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Blog: Operating in a Whole New (Data Collection) World


With Oracle’s Clinical One, the problems that were a nightmare in the making are now a thing of the past. With its sleek adaptive trial design, this truly unified platform is a great fit for Health Decisions.

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Blog: Earlier Strategic Planning Key to Clinical Trial Recruitment


Many facets of a clinical trial are unpredictable. This is why scenario planning is so valuable, and critical to helping to manage the variability in clinical trial setup decisions.

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Blog: Vendor Oversight: Ensuring Regulatory Compliance by Assessing Study Risks


ICH E6 (R2) introduces the concepts of vendor oversight and risk management, but have these requirements been implemented jointly or as separate initiative’s today?

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Blog: Let the Discovery Begin!


After recruiting participants for usability testing it's on to discovery, setting up the environment which mirrors what participants see every day and observing them as they navigate a series of tasks to be performed.

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Blog: The Silver Lining from COVID-19 for Clinical Trials


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed so many things about our personal and work lives that have us anxious to get back to normal. The pandemic has also led to some significant changes in clinical trials.

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Blog: Using Machine Learning to Mitigate Failures and Reduce Costs in Clinical Operations


Discover how machine learning provides critical operational insights, allowing organizations to learn and adapt.

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Blog: The Prix Galien — Honoring Pharmaceutical Research and Development for 50 Years


Every year, the brightest minds in pharmaceuticals and clinical innovation put on their best black-tie attire for the life science industry’s biggest event – the Prix Galien.

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Article: FHI Clinical, Oracle Partner on Cloud-Based Trial Tech


The CRO and life sciences tech firm collaborated on a solution capable of meeting challenges tied to starting and conducting global clinical trials.

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Blog: Embracing the Future of Decentralized Trials and Remote Visits for Site Staff and Patients


How have current trends like patient-centric trials been empowering the site landscape, and how has the pandemic helped shape the future of how patient-facing devices are used?

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Blog: Keeping Pace with Data Collection in Clinical Trials


As patient-worn sensors and IoT put more data at the fingertips of investigators, managing that data requires a shift to more modern technology solutions.

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Blog: Is Artificial Intelligence Critical to Improving Efficiencies and Outcomes in Clinical Trials?


Machine learning technologies can help predict outcomes in clinical trials, leading to faster drug approval times, lower costs, and more funding to develop new treatments.

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Press Release: FHI Clinical and Oracle Bring Critical Clinical Trial Capabilities to Markets in Need


Study sponsors and global health organizations can take advantage of Oracle Health Sciences Clinical One cloud platform to improve clinical trial efficiency.

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Blog: Study Startup Expertise Supports our Global Customers Impacted by COVID-19


For the thousands of active clinical trials, mitigation plans were set. Clinical development teams needed to assess which trials would need to be delayed, others completely stopped, some prematurely ended.

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Press Release: Oracle Health Sciences Positioned as a Leader in Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix® for Clinical Development Platforms


For the fourth straight year, Oracle Health Sciences has been named a “Leader” in the Everest Group Clinical Development Platforms Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2020. Oracle Health Sciences maintained its position as the highest positioned vendor in “Vision and Capability” and took the highest position for “Market Impact.”

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Blog: How to Implement Operational Predictions and Why These Insights are Key to Business Success


Machine learning allows organizations to continuously improve with direct implications on timelines and associated costs of clinical trials.

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Blog: COVID-19’s Impact on the Digital Transformation of Clinical Trials


The immediate impact of COVID-19 on clinical trials is now being overshadowed by the opportunities it presents to reimagine and reinvigorate studies.

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Blog: Automating Safety Case Processing: The Touchless Future


As the capabilities of various systems improve over time, more widespread use of touchless processing will become feasible. Given that likely future, companies can begin now to plan for and lay the groundwork for a touchless case processing system.

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Blog: Q&A Follow-Up to Inaugural CRO Roundtable


Due to an overwhelming response: Q&A follow-up to the inaugural CRO Roundtable.

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Blog: QbD: Should Operational Audit Readiness be Defined as ACA+C?


Fundamental to ICH guidelines is the modernization of processes and technology to clinical trials with a focus on Quality by Design and risk-based management approaches.

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Blog: Automating Safety Case Processing: AI as Game Changer


While simpler automation processes are able to replace routine or static human activity, AI systems are capable of analyzing data and applying specialized knowledge to the safety case process.

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Blog: The Role of AI, Automation, and Touchless Case Processing in Patient Safety


What is drug safety - a critical part of the clinical trial process and post-marketing management of a drug or device? And why is it important?

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Blog: ChromoReport: Machine Learning Predictive Models


Clinical operations staff need to have confidence in machine learning predictive models and be able to validate the accuracy of outcomes.

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Blog: Automating Safety Case Processing: The Options


With more companies responding to growing caseloads by using automation to streamline elements of the pharmacovigilance/multivigilance process, it’s useful for safety professionals to understand the different options available.

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Blog: Are the Intended Benefits of ICH Regulations Obscured by the Adoption Struggle?


ICH E6(R3) is coming at a time when organizations are struggling to adopt ICH E6(R2). But should organizations wait until these guidelines are ratified to realize the intended benefits?

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Blog: Who Wants to Participate...Anyone?


Recruiting participants is arguably the toughest mountain to climb when putting together a usability test. We know who we are looking for, but actually finding them takes it to another level.

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Blog: Embracing Biometric Monitoring Technologies and Digital Measurement in Clinical Research


What is biometric monitoring and how can we embrace it in clinical trials? What's the difference between consumer wearables and biometric technology?

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Blog: CRO Roundtable: How COVID-19 Changed CRO Innovation Strategies


The stage is set for those CROs who embrace innovative approaches to overcome adversary, to reap significant benefits now – and in the future.

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Blog: Could Gamification Improve Clinical Trials?


The gamification of many aspects of our culture is well under way, and some researchers are even beginning to consider the integration of gamification principles into clinical trials.

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Blog: Usability Testing: The Why, the How, and the Who’s Doing It?


Before embarking on any usability testing, it’s important to define a roadmap to make sure everyone who’s involved gets the most out of it. Our journey starts with the study protocol.

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Blog: The Illusion of the ‘Platform’ in Drug Development


If all the various tools or applications offered by a vendor are simply 'connected' through it really a platform?

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Blog: What has COVID-19 Taught us About the Need for Unified, Cloud-Based Technology?


Learn how FHI Clinical is reimagining the possible with a unified platform for clinical trials to meet the challenges of a global health event.

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Blog: Thanking the Clinical Trial Patient and Giving Back for the Greater Good


If you’ve ever known someone who has been in a trial, the whole process is an anxiety-filled duration of time that can lead to happiness, heartbreak, or even confusion. It’s important to recognize their efforts and thank them — but this is often overlooked.

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Press Release: Oracle Unveils Clinical One Data Collection Cloud Service


New capability goes beyond EDC to redefine data collection in clinical trials.

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Article: Oracle: EDC falls short in modern clinical trials


Oracle’s cloud-based data collection solution is designed to help clinical trials better manage multiple sources for greater efficiency and accuracy.

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Article: Oracle Unveils Clinical One


Oracle Health Sciences has introduced Clinical One Data Collection Cloud Service—with the ability to capture data from any source into a single, unified platform.

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Blog: Improving Clinical Research - An Interview on Making Trials Patient-Centric


Clinical researchers often struggle to make trials a patient-friendly experience. This makes it more difficult to recruit people for new trials, increase patient-retention, and follow study protocols.

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Blog: Disrupting Clinical Operations with CRO Strategic Partnerships


While subject matter expertise, relationships, and qualifications will always be critical for CRO selection, they are simply not sufficient criteria for sponsors who need to make a step change in efficiency.

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Article: Field Perspective: A Collective View to Inform the Future of Clinical Research


Gain a deeper understanding of the issues and barriers that prevent clinical research from being more efficient and effective in order to help deliver the most value to our customers and the industry.

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Blog: Fear of Failure Mindset Limits Opportunities to Innovate


Virtually all leaders believe that to stay competitive, their enterprises must learn and improve every day. In-depth industry experience and a willingness to learn are essential.

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Blog: Celebrating Clinical Trials Day – An Interview on Bringing Awareness to Clinical Research


May 20 is Clinical Trials Day, a time set aside to celebrate the people who conduct clinical trials, and thank the patients who participate in them. It's a day to acknowledge all those who contribute to improving public health and extending the goals of clinical research.

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Press Release: Midsized Life Sciences Organizations Use Oracle Clinical Trial Technology to Optimize Studies


Peachtree BioResearch taps Oracle Health Sciences to streamline operations and boost competitiveness in the initialization of clinical trials.

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Blog: Using Artificial Intelligence to Improve Clinical Trial Efficiency and Optimization


Machine-learning technologies can help predict outcomes in clinical trials, leading to faster drug approval times, lower costs, and more funding to develop new treatments.

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Blog: ChromoReport: Proactive Planning with Predictive Analytics


Web-based maps offering real-time traffic conditions and route planning provide a fitting analogy to describe the complexity of study startup.

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Blog: Bringing Transparency and Collaboration to CRO Oversight


Building relationships to improve clinical trial operations requires embracing centralized monitoring and study quality metrics as standard practice and, more recently, CRO oversight.

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Blog: Decentralized Trials: Now Is the Time to Embrace Change


Virtual visits and remote patient monitoring provide new options for data collection and are necessities in our current environment.

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Blog: Outsourcing to CROs: Expediting Clinical Operations or Oversight Challenge?


Simply handing off multimillion-dollar studies to CROs without carefully crafted plans for communications and reporting operational data as the study unfolds is hardly a wise move; yet what kind of oversight is needed?

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Blog: How Effective are Study Startup Regulations?


Study startup has surprisingly few guidelines. With limited regulations focused on this early part of clinical trial execution, what does it mean to be compliant?

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Blog: Reforecasting Clinical Trials to Drive Operational Business Intelligence


Reforecasting clinical trials based on the latest data and information can improve operations and overall trial performance and is a critical component of keeping your company’s plans in line with its financial position and on track to meet its goals.

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Blog: Options for Patients Beyond Clinical Trials


Finding and getting access to clinical trials can be challenging, if not daunting for patients. For those who don’t qualify for a study, but still want to gain access to the medicine, there are a few newer options: compassionate use and right to try.

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Blog: Dismantling Data Silos to Improve Study Startup and Mitigate Risk


The focus on technology as a driver of performance improvement in clinical trials is intense, but despite years of valiant efforts, study execution remains far from optimal. For study startup, the data are dismal.

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Blog: Perspective From Sites Who have Embraced a New World (or Decentralized) Approach


What exactly do terms like remote, siteless, hybrid, and decentralized trials mean and do for us? In order to work together, we need to better understand each other and what terms help and hinder our progress.

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Blog: Trusted Collaboration


Sponsors primarily outsource to CROs to control operational and infrastructure costs. Although there are obvious benefits to outsourcing, it creates new challenges around quality, oversight, collaboration, and governance.

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Blog: Avoid Rescue Studies, Reduce Costs and Timelines, and Accelerate Clinical Operations with Metrics


Granular, real-time metrics provide operational insights, allowing you to take control of your studies by being proactive instead of reactive.

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Blog: New Report Explores the Benefits, Challenges of Decentralized Clinical Trials


The landscape has been changing rapidly, as patient-facing technologies become more tightly integrated into the clinical trial process.

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Blog: Decentralized Trials: Is the Industry Past Pilot Paralysis?


Advancements in technology have enabled virtual visits and remote patient monitoring, providing new options for data collection.

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Blog: Ensuring Quality and Risk Mitigation with Proactive Planning in Clinical Trials


With unrelenting pressures to rein in budgets and cycle times, stakeholders are turning to quality as a solution, starting with building it into study startup and bringing change to entrenched silos that stall trial operations.

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Blog: Impactful Collaborations Drive Technology and Standards Adoption in Outsourced Studies


The Association of Clinical Research Organizations (ACRO) provides the forum for leading CROs to collaborate and discuss this rapidly changing world of technology, regulatory requirements /guidance, and industry standards in clinical research.

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Blog: The Three V's of Big Data: Volume, Velocity, and Variety


The capture of big data, as well as a technical ability to analyze it, is frequently referred to as one of the top 10 clinical innovations in the last decade.

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Article: Is AI the Key to Speed and Efficiency in Pharmacovigilance?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help pharmaceutical companies gather more important data and boost pharmacovigilance.

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Press Release: Global Contract Research Organization Expands Services with Oracle Argus Cloud


Oracle Health Sciences gives PharSafer the ability to optimize management and processing of critical data.

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Blog: Raising Public and Patient Awareness of Clinical Trials


Unfortunately, most mass media coverage of clinical trials has been negative and/or unbalanced, focusing largely on risks, human error, and questionable motives.

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Blog: Three Key Critical Considerations Before Embarking on Decentralized Trials


The hesitancy to change is understandable given the potential impact on an organization. Are decentralized and hybrid trials right for your organization?

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Blog: 10 Tips for Enabling Better Sponsor-CRO Collaborations


The future success of the life science industry in bringing new products to market rests on the ability of sponsors and CROs to work together successfully, providing both parties a compelling incentive to strengthen their partnership with the help of the right structure, tools, and strategies.

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Blog: ChromoReport: Economies of Scale in Clinical Trials


Globalization is adding to the complexity of running clinical trials and the pursuit of global trials is increasing.

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Press Release: Oracle Health Sciences Participates in TOP Tech Sprint


Oracle’s participation in The Oppportunity Project (TOP) Technology Spring could help enable the use of open data and AI to match cancer patients with clinical trials and experimental therapies.

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Article: What Exactly Is A Virtual Clinical Trial?


Oracle Health Sciences and the CNS Summit released a research report on the use of virtual components (patient-facing technologies) in clinical trials.

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Article: Learning to Fish in Data Lakes


Companies should look to optimize their clinical operations by using monitoring technology, analytical dashboards, and operational metrics to gain powerful insights.

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