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Oracle Utilities Marketing

Increase the adoption of new products and services by sending targeted, personalized messages through your customers’ preferred channels. Increase program enrollments, reach new customers and prospects, and lower costs using a single platform. Automate marketing communications and drive personalization at scale.

Discover how Oracle Utilities Customer Experience can help you.

Oracle Utilities Marketing product features

Increase revenue and customer satisfaction with new value-added products and services by engaging your customers on their channel of choice when it matters. Design marketing campaigns and programs that respond to customer behavior and leverage real-time triggers to send timely, personalized, and actionable messages to each customer.

Create, send, manage, and analyze marketing programs across channels

Leverage a single solution to deliver personalized and relevant messages via email, SMS, MMS, push, in-app, display, or web. Ensure a consistent brand experience while providing your sales and service teams visibility into customer engagements across all channels.

Create highly personalized campaigns

Define customer segments, track, filter, and create targeting triggers, and build customer profiles with easy-to-use, marketer-friendly interfaces. Leverage customer usage data, demographics, rate plans, energy insights from Opower, and more to segment and target customers for the most relevant offers, including new rates or nonenergy services. Boost customer satisfaction and drive upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Simplify marketing campaign creation, execution, and measurement

Create cross-channel marketing campaigns that easily adapt to your customers’ preferences, location, and other account-specific attributes. Use an intuitive, code-optional email message designer to personalize your campaigns.

Engage with customers in the moments that matter

Reach customers at the right time and in the right channel with personalized, behavior-based communications timed for every stage in a customer’s lifecycle. Build automated marketing workflows to leverage real-time customer interactions that guide the next best step along the customer journey.

Easily measure and report on the performance of your marketing programs

Promote new offers and nonenergy services with sophisticated insights and real-time analysis of the performance of your marketing campaigns. Analyze performance drivers across channels and metrics while tracking delivery and open rates to optimize your campaigns.

Reach the right audience, at the right time, with insights from your CIS

Combine transaction and marketing communications in the same platform with CIS integration. Leverage data attributes from your CIS, such as usage or premises data, to help build segmentation. Provide your agents views into customer communications and actions.

Evergy doubles customer engagement with its rate education communications

Oracle Utilities Marketing benefits

01Increase the adoption of new customer engagement products and services

Capture new revenue opportunities. Consolidate customer data. Apply AI and use its insights to effectively target the right customers with the right offers.

02Meet customers on their digital channel of choice

Consistently engage customers on their preferred channels, whether email, SMS, push, in-app, or in public apps such as WhatsApp or Facebook.

03Automate and scale marketing communications

Create and automate dynamic campaigns that are quick, easy, and low cost to produce, replicate, and scale.

04Leverage a single platform for all communications

Orchestrate and track all marketing, transaction, and service communications on a unified platform to improve efficiency, lower costs, and ensure consistency across every touchpoint.

3 things to remember about CX for utilities

Caitlin Aburrow, Senior Director, Oracle Product Marketing

Utility providers must transform and deliver value-added CX journeys that contend with the experiences their customers have in other industries. Consider these three things when thinking about utility CX.

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