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Oracle Academy

Oracle Academy works with educators around the world to help them prepare students for successful technology careers with knowledge, hands-on practice, and career-relevant skills. The program offers academic institutions and their educators free teaching and learning resources―including curricula, cloud technology, software, and professional development opportunities―to advance technology education, skills, innovation, and diversity and inclusion.

New curriculum offers students core cloud skills

In fiscal year 2022, Oracle Academy expanded its offering of free technology resources to include

  • A new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure curriculum and free cloud access for educators and learners, providing an introduction to core concepts and hands-on practice
  • A career center, which helps learners connect curricula with career opportunities
  • A member hub for easy online access to all resources

“When the pandemic halted classroom work in 2020, my students had already spent one year working with Oracle tools in the cloud. That was critical to their success in transitioning to virtual learning.”

Soraya Abad-Mota Computer Science Lecturer, University of New Mexico

Preparing students for careers in accounting with Oracle NetSuite

Oracle Academy’s free resources help keep the curriculum relevant, practical, and accessible. Through her membership with Oracle Academy, Christy Nielson, assistant professor at the University of Mississippi’s Patterson School of Accountancy, uses Oracle NetSuite business management software to provide her students with hands-on learning in accounting workflows. She says, “The NetSuite system is cloud-based, which means my students can access it and complete their assignments from anywhere so long as they have internet access.”

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Enabling agile data management with Oracle Cloud and Oracle APEX

With free access to Oracle Cloud and Oracle APEX, Oracle Academy member educators and students can shift data to any environment swiftly, enabling learning on the go. This is a key benefit for educator Michal Kvet, associate professor at the University of Žilina, Slovakia. “Today, students need to know the importance of creating a skeleton solution based on self-adjusting technology,” he says. “That’s the Oracle Autonomous Database.”

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Empowering educators with free and flexible professional development

With Oracle Academy, learning never ends. Member educators such as Catalina Barbeyto, professor at Universidad Tecnológica de Nezahualcóyotl, Mexico, have access to a variety of professional development opportunities to grow their technical knowledge and skills. “Oracle Academy has played a key role in my academic and teaching journey,” says Catalina. “I believe it’s the best place to learn about databases, SQL, PL/SQL, virtual machines, artificial intelligence with machine learning, Java, and more.”

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Bridging theory and practice with Oracle Primavera

For higher education institutions teaching construction and civil engineering, access to tools such as Oracle Primavera through Oracle Academy is invaluable. With Oracle Primavera, students build industry-specific skills in planning, budgeting, resourcing, scheduling, and program management. Okechukwu Nwadigo, project management lecturer at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand, shares, “We are lucky to have Primavera for free classroom use through Oracle Academy. Primavera P6 is considered a highly relevant skill in the industry today and is great for students to have on their resumes.”

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Oracle Academy receives numerous awards each year highlighting its commitment to education, innovation, technology, and scholarship globally.

Photo credits: All images copyright Oracle.