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Oracle College Recruiting—Projects at Oracle

Projects At Oracle
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    Applications Developer

    As an applications developer, you will analyze, develop, and debug software programs for commercial or end user applications.

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    Data Scientist

    Data scientists develop and program processes and systems to consolidate and analyze unstructured and diverse big data sources. You will generate actionable insights and solutions for client services and product management.

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    Product Manager

    As a product manager, you will be part of a team that acts as the central resource and driving force for the design, process, manufacturing, testing, quality control, and marketing of products as they move from concept to distribution. You will organize interdepartmental activities, ensuring completion of the project/product on schedule and within budget.

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    Software Engineer

    Software engineers will develop, troubleshoot, and debug software programs for databases, applications, tools, networks, and more.

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    Technical Writer

    As a technical writer, you will create, plan, write, and edit operational, instructional, maintenance, test, and/or user manuals for print, multimedia, or web-based publications. You will contribute to the timely design, production, and delivery/completion of product documentation and document sets.

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    User Experience Developer

    User experience developers will be responsible for creating, evaluating, and modifying prototypes to support evolving hardware and software application development. You will develop and apply software design/usability processes in the investigation of technical problems.

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    Summer Intern

    Through a product development internship, you will discover what it is like to work at a leading global software systems innovator with industry experts, award-winning developers, and knowledgeable veterans. Your contributions will enhance real Oracle products and services. By the end of your internship, you will be connected to a powerful network of developers, managers, and executives.

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Grow Your Career at Oracle

Oracle has redefined how businesses modernize, innovate, and compete in a digital world. We deliver complete and integrated cloud services that allow business users and developers to build, deploy, and manage workloads seamlessly and cost-effectively. Our technology empowers more than 430,000 customers in 175 countries.

Oracle’s cloud computing solutions transcend various industries, including banking, communications, financial services, healthcare, and retail. We help these and other industries operate effectively and efficiently, resulting in more-innovative products and services that make life better for consumers around the world.

Our success rests on the shoulders of our stellar team of researchers, engineers, and developers. We’re always looking for outstanding new talent to join our projects and help us continue to innovate. Are you ready for the challenge?

Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud

Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud

Did you know that Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud is the world’s first autonomous data management in the cloud to deliver automated patching, upgrades, and tuning? Including performing all routine database maintenance tasks while the system is running, without human intervention?! This is just an example of one of the many revolutionary technologies developed at Oracle.

  • Artificial Intelligence
    Our goal is to empower developers and data scientists to develop and deploy machine learning models, as well as to manage the complete data science lifecycle on their preferred open source frameworks.
  • Blockchain
    With the potential to fundamentally transform how global business transactions are conducted, we’re all about finding ways to put this disruptive and emerging technology at the service of our customers.
  • Cloud Computing
    Redefining how businesses modernize, innovate, and compete in a digital world is the game. Delivering complete and integrated cloud services to business users and developers is how we win it.
  • Cloud Security
    One of the top concerns about cloud adoption is related to security. So we’ve made it our mission to make leading security technologies available to large and small organizations everywhere.
  • Database
    We deliver the most flexible and cost-effective way to manage information and applications. To achieve this goal, we make Oracle Database the focus of all our tech talent and creativity.
  • Data Mining
    Our goal is to provide powerful data-mining algorithms that enable data analysts to discover insights, make predictions, and leverage their data. Pickaxes at work are allowed, though not encouraged.
  • Internet of Things
    For our customers to extend their supply chains, enterprise resource planning, and customer experience applications to the physical world, we drive automation powered by intelligent and predictive algorithms.
  • Machine Learning
    When data scientists perform machine learning in Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud through Oracle Machine Learning, we’re the ones they call when there’s trouble. Machine learning experts assemble!
  • Networking
    Our job is to help our customers improve their infrastructure performance, reduce cost and complexity, and simplify storage and server connectivity—all with the power of Oracle’s cutting-edge cloud technology.
  • User Experience
    Our team holds onsite product usability testing, offering customers and partners a first look at the future of the cloud user experience in Oracle Applications. Intuitive and user-friendly? You bet!

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