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Women's History Month

Oracle women are changing the world. Here’s how.

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Honoring the women who make a difference

In the United States, March is Women’s History Month—an opportunity to recognize the contributions of women to society and culture. On March 8, International Women’s Day widens the lens to celebrate women from around the world. Oracle is built by women—technologists, leaders, educators, advocates, and innovators—who are all making an impact on the future.

Read on to learn more about how women lead at Oracle.

Women’s History Month: A chance to commend our change-makers

Traci Wade, Oracle’s vice president and global head of Diversity and Inclusion, sees Women’s History Month as an opportunity to acknowledge the ingenuity, resilience, dedication, and leadership of women who are bettering their communities. Here, Traci shares how diversity and inclusion efforts at Oracle are committed to uplifting and furthering the work of these female change-makers. Read her remarks to learn more.

CJ Perez: competitive sailing's first Latina champion

In a sport traditionally dominated by men, 18-year-old CJ Perez is the first Latina to win multiple championships in competitive sailing. Perez furthered her interest by using data to improve sailing performance after being selected to join SailGP, a high-tech global racing series with eight national teams. Read more to find out about her journey with analyzing racing data and her history-making win with the United States SailGP team in October 2021.

In scientific research, success has many mothers

More women are entering the academic research arena, including three Oracle for Research Project Award recipients: Dr. Rommie Amaro, Dr. Christiane Berger, and Dr. Sofia Oliveira. These chemistry and biochemistry professors reflect on their female role models, the value of diverse voices, and the biggest challenges facing the future of research. Read on to learn more.

Afro-Brazilian women live at a tricky intersection

In Brazil, Afro-Brazilian women face societal inequities in education, health, income, and professional opportunities. Oracle employees Gisele Monteiro and Mariana Souza see their Afro-Brazilian identity as a complex intersection of race, gender and nationality. Here, the two share how they have navigated and broken through systemic limitations, while continuing to work for change. Read more to learn their stories.

Oracle Career Relaunch Program expands to support women in India

There are many reasons women take career breaks: to start a family, to care for an elder, or to simply take a well-deserved opportunity for self-care. However, the concern that reentry into the workforce may not be so forgiving remains. This apprehension struck Arthi Vijay, Sandhya Kartik, and Binu Subramanian in India. But their experience in Oracle’s Career Relaunch Program was one of empowerment. Read more to find out how the three drew the inspiration and encouragement to return to work from the program.

Oracle emerging leader summit: three days, three hundred women

For Oracle employees in Europe, International Women’s Day is a chance to celebrate the accomplishments of women and further their professional progress. Oracle Women’s Leadership (OWL), a global development program that engages and empowers female leaders, achieved this objective through the EMEA Emerging Leader Summit, a 3-day virtual development experience for 300 Oracle women. Read more to learn about the event’s speakers, discussion, and more.

The technology industry is better when women are involved

Oracle Senior Director of Database Product Management Kay Malcolm recalls walking into an engineering class she enrolled in during college only to have the professor tell her she was in the wrong room. But she stayed in the classroom, earning grades that broke the bell curve in a class where she supposedly didn’t belong. Now, she wants everyone, especially women, to know that there is a place for them in technology. Read more for Malcolm’s advice and thoughts on belonging as a woman in tech.

Five women who are taking on the COVID-19 pandemic

In the midst of a global pandemic, the world would come to rely on data as one of the most powerful weapons in the fight against COVID-19. At Oracle, women stepped up to help, from a senior architect responsible for vetting every COVID-19 grant presented to Oracle to a pharmaceutical industry expert who acts as an intermediary between health science researchers and developers on the Oracle team. Read how their stories highlight some of the contributions made by women at Oracle.

Five female founders share the pivot that changed their lives

Women all over the world are breaking barriers and inspiring progress in their respective fields. This includes female founders and entrepreneurs who are creating transformational technologies and movements to better society and business. And they want to show other aspiring change-makers how they can achieve the same success. Read more to find out what their unique advice is.

An African immigrant’s breast cancer journey is transforming the healthcare landscape

When Maimah Karmo found out she had breast cancer, she became determined to fight for herself and for other women in the same situation. Through the Tigerlily Foundation, Karmo’s work with politicians and pharmaceutical companies has led to the funding of breast cancer awareness and education, more inclusivity in clinical trials, and programming to end disparities and improve health outcomes for Black women living with breast cancer. Read on to learn more about her journey.