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Oracle Breaking the Silos Webinars

Unify for high-performance. Empower to innovate. Unlock your full potential.

Today’s world requires us to innovate and reinvent our offerings to keep up and anticipate the rapidly evolving expectations of customers. Together, we would like to explore how you can use data driven insights, why bridging the gaps is key to digital transformation and how transformative technologies like AI and IoT are game changers when it comes to breaking the existing silos to make your company more competitive and efficient without compromising on security.

Join our Breaking the Silos Webinar Series, to discuss current challenges, find inspiration and explore how to benefit from new endless digital possibilities.

Empower to innovate

Empower to innovate

May 20, 2020
9:00 CET

Today, Ines Bellino, HCM Senior Solution Consultant at Oracle, will focus on talent development and how to empower your employees to take the next step in their career. We also invited Niccolò Campriani, Olympic Champion and Sports Enigneer at IOC, who will share his success story about his personal transformation from being a professional athlete to becoming a business men using digital platforms.

Community first

Community first

April 28, 2020
9:00 CET

In this webinar Honey Thalijeh, Corporate Communications Manager FIFA, and Marc Kamphausen, Consulting VP Oracle, will share their insights and experience on how they connect people, building meaningful relationships and cohesion amongst their teams whilst always focusing on the customer first.

Power to integrate

Power to integrate

June 3, 2020
9:00 CET

Join this webcast with Jürgen Lindner, Senior VP Global Marketing Head SaaS at Oracle, to find out more about the tactical best practices of moving back-office finance, HR and other systems to the Cloud in order to achieve added value with greater transparency, automated control, and improved governance for your company.

Breaking the silo

Breaking the silos: shaping a debate that matters to you

Digital adaptation requires a change culture throughout the finance organization which means constant training, upgrading of skill sets, rotating finance team members, adopting new technology and building consensus to empower the organization. But what are the challenges and benefits and how can this work for you? Be part of these conversations and findings hosted by Efi Pylarinou to help shape the debate and drive value.