Cataneo manages advertising market growth with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Munich-based Cataneo migrates its advertising application to OCI, giving its global media clients cost-effective, scalable campaign management tools.


The gains with Oracle Cloud are huge in terms of spinning up a compute instance, wherever you are, whenever you want. That flexibility is what it’s all about for driving our business.

Renato Rocha PintoCEO, Cataneo GmbH

Business challenges

As an independent software vendor (ISV), Cataneo developed several ad sales applications to help agencies and media houses around the globe meet sales requirements. Its flagship MYDAS platform—a sophisticated airtime sales management and ad traffic system—can handle ads for all kinds of media. MYDAS can be tailored to the needs of clients, including inventory, traffic, campaign management, and sales. Cataneo’s ability to provide a broad spectrum of media services, from buying and selling, linear, non-linear, and online, coupled with flexible, innovative, and customizable solutions, has made it a leader in its field.

Cataneo became one of the only companies in its field to handle the requirements of both media buying and media selling. However, when media companies began to get bigger in recent years through mergers and acquisitions, the load on Cataneo’s systems began to strain the organization’s resources.

Cataneo realized that its MYDAS platform, originally hosted on-premises and later in managed service centers, lacked the scalability needed to satisfy the requirements and workloads of an increasingly global client base. The company began looking for a cloud platform that would help it react faster to the computing demands of companies engaged in large-scale campaign management.

Having a server running on steroids the whole time just to handle peaks is not optimal. With OCI, the biggest upside to its flexibility is cost optimizing to get the best value on the dollar at each and every moment.

Julien Saisset-RocheCOO, Cataneo GmbH

Why Cataneo GmbH chose Oracle

Cataneo selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) because the ISV had extensive experience with Oracle’s InfiniBand technology and Oracle middleware on-premises. The organization decided OCI would give it needed scalability and cost savings, along with the continued Oracle support services that it enjoyed over two decades.

“We always had trust in Oracle as an important partner that supports and enhances our products. It started with databases, then Java, then Linux systems, among other tools. Recently, Oracle Cloud brought our overall solution to another level, offering cost-effective scalability, performance, and monitoring,” says CEO Renato Rocha Pinto.

Cataneo can set up a new customer on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure within 120 minutes, compared to a week of tuning previously required with an on-premises setup.


OCI with Oracle Enterprise Database Service allowed Cataneo to smoothly scale to the increased workloads of media companies whose size and ad sales requirements have expanded through mergers and acquisitions. OCI automatically supplies the necessary compute power to scale in line with growth, allocating to each customer the exact number of Oracle CPUs and memory the workloads require.

The flexibility to scale is due in part to Oracle Cloud Observability and Management, a platform that yields real-time insights into usage and steers Cataneo to allocate the correct compute shape per client. Coupled with OCI Flexible Load Balancing, the company can fine-tune according to monthly or annual peaks in advertising buying and selling activity.

For example, one Cataneo customer generated almost half of its annual revenue during the month of Ramadan, because OCI Flexible Load Balancing allowed the company to meet last-minute spot bookings for advertisements.

With OCI, Cataneo can set up a new customer within 120 minutes—a process that formerly required a week of tuning on-premises. Today, it spins up instances with a few clicks via third-party applications in the OCI toolkit to automate cloud infrastructure provisioning and orchestration.

OCI also helped Cataneo revolutionize its legacy customizable application and bring it closer to being cloud native. Acknowledging that no single client uses more than 50% of the components, the company adopted Oracle clustering and microservices to provide a more flexible and modular application.

To help each customer meet local compliance regulations, Cataneo uses Oracle Transparent Data Encryption to ensure that data is encrypted at rest, in transit, and in the database, harnessing Oracle Key Vault and Oracle Wallet to securely store encryption keys and credentials.

As the company expands globally, OCI future-proofed Cataneo’s solution via the worldwide grid of Oracle Cloud data centers, which offer equal performance and scalability to the company’s customers worldwide.

Veröffentlicht:8. Juli 2022

About the customer

Cataneo is a media industry leader in content lifecycle for ad sales and scheduling, as well as traffic and rights management across all mediums—including linear, online, and nonlinear. The company manages more than 200 channels across four continents.