Panvel lights up Black Friday with Oracle Responsys

The Brazilian retailer trusts Oracle Responsys to improve customer conversions and revenue with more relevant marketing communications.


At Panvel, we put a very high value on each customer’s unique experience. It’s crucial that we understand them and build those relationships. Oracle has helped us do just that, and we're excited to work together through a strong expansion.

Angela Cepeda RizziCRM Manager, Panvel

Business challenges

For more than 40 years, Panvel Farmacias has been a trusted source for medications as well as hygiene and beauty products. The company currently operates more than 450 brick and mortar stores across four Brazilian states, along with the online store. It operates its own call center and delivery service and provides 800 individually branded products.

Panvel had ample insights about its customers but wanted to enrich that customer data in order to deliver targeted and relevant communication through email, text messages, and push notifications.

Increased website traffic in the weeks before Black Friday created the ideal opportunity to invest in customer acquisition strategies, research customer behavior on the company website, and encourage customers to buy.

For Black Friday, Panvel decided to use gamification to generate more leads, with instant prizes on the website—specifically, running an online “fortune wheel” game where the customer spins a virtual wheel to win a prize. The game required registration, encouraging customers to share information. In addition to running the game online, Panvel gave out leaflets with QR codes in its brick-and-mortar stores, encouraging shoppers to go online, register, and play. The company sought to use this new data for improved customer communication and increased sales before and during the week of Black Friday, while increasing and enriching the company’s customer information.

We understand that technology has no value if it does not translate into more satisfied customers. With that in mind and Oracle as our trusted technology partner, we are recognized as one of the best retail companies in Brazil.

Angela Cepeda RizziCRM Manager, Panvel

Why Panvel chose Oracle

Panvel selected Oracle Responsys Campaign Management because of the tool’s ability to support the company’s overall loyalty strategy. The marketing campaign that ran through Responsys achieved Panvel’s goal of increasing customer engagement and personalizing the customer experience.

Responsys enabled Panvel to manage customer data and turn it into actionable insights throughout the campaign. The tool also allowed the company to provide relevant messaging to the appropriate customers at scale, while maintaining a consistent voice across all communication channels.


To enrich customer information and provide a consistent experience regardless of the interaction channel, Panvel extended its Oracle Responsys Campaign Management setup for the  Black Friday campaign. Panvel imported data from customers who participated in its game into Oracle Responsys to update customer lifecycle status—from acquisition to incentive, transaction, retention, and reactivation. This ensured that customers received only relevant communication through the appropriate channels.

Through the Oracle Responsys contact form, Panvel captured customer data in near real time. The company centralized customer registrations and other sales data on Oracle Responsys, part of the Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience suite of applications. It used the information to target customers with messaging appropriate to their stage of the lifecycle.

Marketing emails sent to contacts captured during the campaign showed much higher engagement rates than other emails sent during the same period, with an increase of 43% in the opening rate and 166% in the click-through rate, generating twice the revenue per email.

With the help of Oracle Responsys, Panvel’s gamification strategy yielded a 10% surge in customer purchasing data and a 39% increase in the number of customers engaged in the company’s campaigns. Within a few weeks of launch, Panvel had enriched contact information, strengthening relationships while encouraging customer loyalty.

Panvel exceeded its goals of targeting online and in-store customers with its campaign. More than 10% of all customers visiting Panvel’s ecommerce site registered for the game, and 75% of in-store customers did the same. The registration rate achieved with Oracle Responsys is twice as high as the average of other customer data collection activities. The conversion rate of customers who participated in the activity was 8.4%, which was 85% higher than customers who accessed the pages and decided not to participate in the game.

With Oracle Responsys powering the company’s campaign, Panvel also increased overall revenue, with customers who actively participated in the campaign accounting for 37% of total purchases made during the period.

Since Black Friday, the base of engaged customers has continued to grow, mainly due to triggering appropriate campaign messaging aligned with customer lifecycles through Oracle Responsys.


Panvel worked with Oracle Partner PMWeb. The deployment took 15 days, including developing the forms for capturing customer data, linking to the landing page, and activating email campaigns.

Veröffentlicht:20. Juli 2022

About the customer

In addition to operating hundreds of stores, in 1989 the company launched its own Panvel Brand, which is responsible for a large part of the hygiene and beauty sales in the chain's stores and has more than 500 products in several categories, including makeup, sun protection, orthopedic, and children's.