Oracle Cloud File System

Advanced File Services for the Cloud

Oracle Cloud File System helps organizations rapidly deploy applications, databases, and storage in private clouds, and offers advanced file services that reduce the cost and complexity of managing and consolidating database files, business data, application binaries and personal data in a cloud infrastructure.

Oracle Cloud File System
  • Provides Oracle users with a POSIX/Windows industry-standard, general-purpose cluster file system and a volume manager for optimally managing your database files as well as general-purpose files
  • Delivers advanced file services with point-in-time snapshot, replication, file tagging, and high-availability NFS services. Security, encryption, and auditing services are included for secure access control and protection of file system data at rest
  • Delivers a complete storage cloud infrastructure with one management interface, one set of installation and configuration tools, one Oracle Clusterware framework, and a single vendor for support and troubleshooting
  • Includes Oracle Automatic Storage Management Dynamic Volume Manager (ADVM) feature and Oracle Automatic Storage Management Cluster File System with integrated advanced file services
  • Leverages Oracle Automatic Storage Management provisioning and consolidation to reduce costs and complexity



  • Simplifies file management of general purpose and database files
  • Distributes advanced file services in a cloud infrastructure
  • Leverages automatic data management to consolidate and easily provision pooled storage resources
  • Reduces storage costs while improving storage resource utilization

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