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OPERA Cloud Reporting and Analytics

Gain powerful insights into your hospitality business. Data-based decisions are essential for driving the bottom line. Built on three principles—simplify, unify, and integrate—Oracle Hospitality Reporting and Analytics mines insights from data, boldly moving enterprises forward with facts, not hunches.

Business intelligence software for the hospitality industry

Explore the capabilities of Hospitality Analytics software

Oracle Cloud Reporting and Analytics provides self-service discovery, sophisticated visualization, and powerful reporting, allowing hoteliers to gain insights that help them address challenges and seize opportunities.

Comprehensive hotel data analytics

Gain insights from data captured across functional areas, including hotel operations, revenue management, sales, marketing, and catering.

Ad-hoc analysis report

Access field-level data to create and run customized reports and perform ad-hoc analysis.

Multi-level analysis

Leverage analytics to understand performance at the department, hotel, or chain level.

Share the power of decision-making

Empower cross-property business users to make quick and informed operational decisions.

Standardize user experience

Provide a common user experience across hotel and food and beverage reporting.

Visualize data to accelerate decision-making

Access visualization tools that provide an image of a line–bar combination or pie chart to quickly identify areas of need.

Leverage OPERA Cloud Reporting and Analytics

The Oracle Analytics platform is a cloud-based solution that has the capabilities needed to perform the complete analytics process from data ingestion and modeling through data cleaning and enrichment to visualization and collaboration—without compromising security and governance.

01Make better decisions with qualified data across all hotel operations

Gain real-time insights with OPERA Cloud Reporting and Analytics.

02Better understand your guests to deliver the experiences they want

Gain insights into guest behavior and preferences with OPERA Cloud Reporting and Analytics.

03Improve revenue management and distribution decision-making

Enhance day-to-day operations with fast access to KPIs such as room revenue, F&B revenue, occupancy, and more.

04Imagine every employee executing better

Help employees at all levels access the information they need to make the best decision, faster.

Empower your staff—deliver insights with OPERA Cloud Reporting and Analytics

Tracy Fashing, Marketing Manager, Oracle Hospitality

In this data-driven economy, hotel operators need key information at their fingertips to deliver exceptional guest experiences, leverage market conditions, and beat the competition. Making data-driven decisions is essential to driving the bottom line.

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