Oracle Midmarket—Agricover Success Story

Agricover Gained 65 Percent More Time to Focus on its Greatest Asset
Agricover Gained 65 Percent More Time to Focus on its Greatest Asset

We achieved 100 percent of the integration

Oracle demonstrated perfect understanding of our business flows.

- Madalina Sava, Training and Development Manager, Agricover Group

Agricover Group is a diverse business. Alongside operating its own farms, it provides a wide range of services to the Romanian agricultural sector, including livestock product distribution, cereal supplies and silo services. Subsidiaries also provide farmers with financing and insurance services.

With so many moving parts to the business, Agricover needed to overhaul several different workforce management processes in order to realise the potential of its best asset, its people. Because for your business to succeed, you need a motivated and successful workforce.

By adopting Oracle Talent Management solution, the company was able to streamline processes and get a clearer picture and deeper understanding, of all its employees. This not only saved valuable time, but also freed managers to focus on areas that would make the most positive impact on the business: identifying top performers, creating tailored development plans and ensuring incentive programmes aligned with company goals.


  • The need to gain visibility into, and improve core HCM activities like goal and performance management and remuneration across all lines of business
  • Managers needed more empowerment to drive productivity and profits via improved visibility and goal setting
  • Reduce labour-intensive, paper-based tasks to allow the human resources (HR) department to focus on helping employees achieve their potential


  • Oracle Talent Management Base Cloud Service unified talent management processes and support Agricover in its vision to connect, and provide trading security for the large processors and farmers
  • Increased productivity and profits through improved alignment of individual and organisational goals, the greater empowerment of managers, and more engaged and higher performing employees
  • Enabled the identification of top performing employees and fostered an engaged and high-performance working culture of reward and recognition for better career path and succession planning
  • Streamlined and automated processes gave HR the time, resources and technology to focus on activities that develop employees rather than on paper-based administration