Oracle Midmarket—REDISA Success Story

REDISA Launches Ambitious Recycling Initiative in Just 60 Days
REDISA Launches Ambitious Recycling Initiative in Just 60 Days

Oracle provided the right technology

Oracle provided the right technology to achieve our ambitious plans.

- Hermann Erdmann, CEO, REDISA

Around 60 to 100 million scrap tyres are scattered in dumps and stockpiles in residential, industrial, and rural areas across South Africa, creating a hazard to public and environmental health. The Recycling and Economic Development Initiative of South Africa (REDISA) is a nonprofit organisation with an ambitious plan to develop a sustainable tyre recycling industry that eventually sees tyres being recycled into new products.

The startup wanted to implement their first-of-a-kind, country-wide, waste tyre management plan as quickly as possible after government approval of the initiative. Within two months, to be exact. This would be an extraordinary feat, involving not just the collection, transport, storage, and recycling of waste tyres, but also revenue generation from waste management fees paid by tyre manufacturers and importers. It would also involve large numbers of people. REDISA would need to find, recruit and onboard enough of the right people to support and manage operations almost immediately.

So how did they do?

With the help of out-of-the-box technologies supplied by Oracle, REDISA successfully met all of its bold launch targets. The recycling programme is now fully operational, with over 1,600 pickup activities per week. REDISA is proud to be cleaning and protecting the environment for future generations, while supporting large-scale job creation across the country.


  • Immediate implementation an integrated, country-wide plan to collect, transport, store, and recycle waste tyres while collecting waste management fees to fund it
  • Ensure high operational efficiency and low total cost of ownership with one-stop support
  • Support country-wide job creation with rapid recruitment and onboarding of the right staff


  • Out-of-the-box Oracle technology enabled rapid set-up of logistics, billing, and customer care activities
  • Oracle Financials supported the initiative’s new approach to financing by centralising, standardising, and streamlining the management of revenues and expenses
  • Oracle Database captured and secured all data on tyre manufacturers, importers, suppliers and employees, while Oracle Spatial and Graph enabled REDISA to demonstrate the value of the initiative by region
  • Oracle Taleo Recruiting Cloud Service enabled the smooth and rapid recruitment and onboarding of new personnel 
  • Oracle Transportation Management, connected with Oracle Business Process Management architecture designer, coordinated more than 1,600 pickup, storage, and delivery activities every week