Utilities Customer Service and Billing

Connect customer care, billing, and advanced metering to deliver efficient service that delights customers and builds trust. Create a single view of meter and device data, easily implement complex rating plans, and offer intuitive self-service through digital channels.

Check out our utility customer service solutions in action.

Work smarter with solutions designed for complex utility customer operations

Build simpler, better customer operations on one utility customer-information system

Get a complete, 360-degree customer view from meter to cash in a single customer-care system designed for today’s digital utilities.

Explore Oracle Utilities Customer Information Systems (CIS)

Replace your legacy customer-information system (CIS) and continuously improve your customer care processes

Take advantage of SaaS to automate data management and common CSR workflows. Implement new software capabilities faster to stay ahead of customer needs.

Explore Oracle Utilities Customer Cloud Service (CCS) (PDF)

Make smarter decisions with smart meter data

Use data from smart meters and devices to personalize customer insights and advice. Automate common customer service workflows like start, stop, and transfer service.

Explore Oracle Utilities Advanced Metering

Satisfy customers with convenient and intuitive self-service

Let customers compare rates, pay their bills, and update their service through an easy-to-use web or mobile interface.

Explore Oracle Utilities Digital Self Service

“By moving to cloud-based services, we go from big-step change deployments to getting a new set of capabilities added to the baseline product every 120 days.”

Derin Bluhm

Chief Technology Officer, Grant County Public Utility District

Stay ahead of complex billing needs with a flexible rating and billing engine

Test and implement new rates faster, automate exception management, and scale to support billing for millions of customers.

Explore Oracle Utilities Billing Cloud Service

Visualize data from customer to meter to network

Get prebuilt machine learning insights that allow you to monitor smart meter health, understand customer usage patterns, identify electric vehicles charging on the network, and more.

Explore Utility Analytics from Oracle

See how utilities serve their customers better with Oracle

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Kathleen Wolf Davis, Senior Manager, Content Marketing and Social Media Strategy, Oracle

We’ve been talking about the future for so long, surely we must be knee-deep in it by now. But the problem with tomorrow is this: It’s always in flux. It always needs planning for. It always need another look at strategy before it all comes rushing into today. We simplified your tomorrow down to three main areas: thinking, customers and the grid. Here’s what you need to own, develop, get and craft in those three areas to make your utility’s tomorrow a rosy one.

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