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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure—Cloud Storage

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides customers with high-performance computing and low-cost cloud storage options. Through on-demand local, object, file, block, and archive storage, Oracle Cloud addresses key storage workload requirements and use cases. Customers can use the storage gateway and data transfer service to safely and securely move their data to the cloud.

Cloud Storage Image
Simple pricing

Transparent and consistent global pricing lets customers forecast cloud storage spend easily, without requiring pricing formulas to predict their cloud spend.

The fastest file servers in the public cloud

Use Terraform to automate the creation of IBM Spectrum Scale file servers capable of scaling to 60 GB/s.

Why customers choose Oracle Cloud Storage

Fast and scalable cloud storage

Oracle Cloud Storage delivers consistent high performance and scalability. Customers will get Block Volumes that scale up to 1 PB, File Storage that can scale up to 8 EB, and local NVMe that scales to 2 TB.

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Fast and scalable cloud storage

Durable by design

Object Storage and Archive Storage are backed by an availability service-level agreement (SLA), offering customers highly reliable data storage.

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Durable by design

Advanced block storage

Oracle Cloud Block Volumes delivers consistent, low-latency performance up to 35,000 IOPS per volume, and 700,000 IOPS per host at a cost 57% less than competitors.* Block Volumes also support scaling IOPS on demand, volume cloning, and integrated backup to Object Storage.


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Advanced block storage

Security-first architecture

Reduce storage risks with Oracle Cloud's security-first design architecture that utilizes built-in tenant isolation, least privilege access, and data encryption at rest. All storage services are integrated into Oracle Identity and Access Management to centrally manage access and permissions.

Explore Oracle Cloud security
Security-first architecture

Lower pricing and lower costs

Oracle Cloud Block Storage is 57% less expensive than the competition, and it delivers performance that meets or exceeds their offerings. Oracle’s straightforward Cloud Storage pricing has no provisioning charges, complex pricing formulas, or pricing variances based on geography.

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Lower pricing and lower costs

Oracle Cloud Storage


High-performance block storage at any scale

We’ve designed our storage platform as an ideal complement to Oracle compute and networking services to support the highest performance requirements. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Block Volumes use the latest NVMe SSDs and provides nonblocking network connectivity to every host. Oracle delivers consistent, low-latency performance of up to 75 IOPS/GB to a maximum of 35,000 IOPS and 480 MB/s of throughput per volume.

  • Consistent high performance
  • Scales volumes from 50 GB to 32 TB
  • Attach volumes to reach 1 PB per compute instance
  • Supports dynamic scaling of volumes
  • Less than half the price of AWS EBS
  • Encryption at rest by default using AES 256
  • Encryption in transit supported by TLS 1.2
  • Automatic monitoring for data integrity

Flexible object storage that scales

Object Storage enables customers to store any type of data in its native format. This is ideal for building modern applications that require scale and flexibility, as it can be used to consolidate multiple data sources for analytics, backup, or archive purposes.

  • Distributed, durable object storage
  • Highly available and scalable
  • Access via API, HDFS Plugin, SDK, console, or CLI
  • Archive storage option
  • Encryption at rest by default using AES 256
  • Automatic monitoring
  • Self-healing

File storage that automatically scales

Oracle File Storage provides a fully managed Network File System (NFS) that scales automatically to accommodate growth up to 8 exabytes, eliminating the need to provision capacity in advance. Multiway replication ensures data availability and durability.

  • Scalable from kilobytes to 8 exabytes
  • Automatic elastic scaling without provisioning
  • Highly available, distributed file system
  • Encryption at rest by default using AES 256
  • Encryption in transit supported by TLS 1.2
  • Support for custom encryption keys

Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) for virtual machines and bare metal

Local NVMe SSD storage provides extremely low latency and high performance flash-based storage, which is ideal for workloads that benefit from high-throughput local storage. Oracle Cloud provides up to 51.2 TB of capacity per instance and 5.5M IOPS at low 10 to 100 microsecond latency.

  • Available on DenseIO virtual machines and bare metal
  • Up to 52 TB of capacity
  • 5.5 million IOPS
  • Complete customer control

Long-term, low-cost data storage

Archive Storage provides reliable and durable long-term data at one-tenth the cost of Oracle Object Storage, while using the same APIs for easy setup and integration. Data is monitored for integrity, automatically healed, and encrypted at rest.

  • Easy to use and integrate
  • Highly reliable and durable
  • No cost for inbound data transfer
  • Encryption at rest by default using AES 256
  • Automatic monitoring for data integrity

High-volume data migration

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Transfer Appliance allows customers to securely move large volumes of data into Oracle Cloud in days, rather than weeks or months, at no charge.

  • Use console UI, CLI, SDK, or third-party tools
  • Flexibility to use your own disks—HDD and SSD
  • Up to 150TB per appliance
  • Integrated monitoring
  • No cost for inbound data transfer
  • Data encrypted at load time using AES 256 encryption
  • Integrity enforced by checksums
  • Upload summaries confirm data integrity
  • Encrypted networks used in Oracle Cloud

Extend on-premises storage to Oracle Cloud

Storage Gateway lets customers augment and extend on-premises data by bridging their local file systems with Object Storage in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and is available at no charge.

  • Easily extend local storage to Oracle Cloud
  • Simple to use and free of charge
  • Scales to 100 million files per file system
  • Fully encrypted

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure customer successes

Oracle Cloud Storage accommodates a broad range of customer needs

Snap Tech
Veritas logo
Veritas logo

Veritas migrates large data sets and saves with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

February 13, 2020

Ironclad Security Provided by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure File Storage

Mona Khabbazan, Principal Product Manager, Oracle

Use Oracle Application Express with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure REST APIs to upload, download, and manage big files in Oracle Cloud. This article describes how to authenticate and interact with the Oracle Cloud Object Storage Service REST APIs in Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX). APEX makes working with REST easy and there is now built-in support for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Web Credentials—a fast and easy way to work with Oracle Cloud Object Storage Service.

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