Vesta simplifies internal HR processes with Oracle Cloud HCM

The development company uses Oracle Cloud HCM to simplify processes for human resources and gain a better understanding of employee activities.

Oracle Cloud HCM makes processes easier and more efficient by having everything in one single platform. It’s like having a smart phone, you can move everything easily with your finger, and I think that is how HCM works too, it is very friendly.

Pamela VázquezHuman Resources Talent Manager, Vesta

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Vesta has been a key player in the industrial real-estate market for 23 years. This public firm works on the development and lease of industrial warehouses, distribution centers, and industrial parks.

One of the key technical challenges Vesta faced was its approach to human resources. The company lacked a system to evaluate and measure the development and performance of employees. It was also reliant on individual spreadsheets to track employee absences and permissions, and struggled with efforts to ensure that the company’s code of ethics was understood and implemented by its workforce.

After years of managing core HR functions manually, Vesta realized it needed to automate processes and adopt modern best practices.

Oracle’s Fusion Cloud Apps makes things easier because we have one centralized database, and a large amount of data shared between HCM, CRM, ERP, and other systems. We didn’t want to make our lives more complicated, and the best thing was to have everything in just one place.

Ivan Saavedra Maufras IT Project Manager, Vesta

Why Vesta Chose Oracle

After exploring software from providers including Microsoft and SAP, Vesta selected Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) for its well-developed focus on industrial real estate. The company decided Oracle Cloud HCM was more aligned to the real estate industry compared to competing solutions. In addition, choosing Oracle would help centralize and integrate all its databases, saving the company time and money.


With Oracle Cloud HCM, Vesta was able to lower costs and simplify processes with one integrated solution. Through the Oracle Learning platform, the company provides employee training videos, followed by tests to ensure comprehension.

Using the Oracle Performance Management module, Vesta can now measure employee performance and development. Also, the Oracle Career Development module gives employees who are interested in advancing a pathway to career growth.

Oracle Time and Labor helps the company keep better control over employee schedules and absences. Vesta has also seen a reduction in manual processes by consolidating functions online for reimbursements.


Vesta partnered with Datco for its Oracle Cloud HCM deployment. Datco adopted best practices from the beginning.

Publié:21 octobre 2021