EXEM moves from AWS to Oracle Cloud and cuts IT costs by 50%

Korean technology company moves multicloud management SaaS platform from AWS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and gains more efficiency and scalability.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides superior performance at a lower price, compared to other cloud platforms.

Kilhyun RyuDirector, EXEM

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Founded in 2001, EXEM specializes in IT performance management and monitoring solutions, big data, AI, and cloud computing. It also provides consulting and training services to more than 500 global companies across industries, including the public sector, financial institutions, manufacturing, telecommunications, and healthcare.

The company has been serving its customers with on-premises solutions for more than two decades. However, as cloud computing became prevalent, EXEM’s customers preferred cloud-based SaaS solutions. In order to fulfill its customers’ requirements, the company transformed its business from on-premises to SaaS.

Originally, EXEM moved its solution to AWS and Naver Cloud Platform, a Korean cloud service provider. While AWS had a great reputation in the global market, it soon became too expensive for EXEM.

Initially, Naver was more cost-effective than AWS and was a good fit for the local Korean market. But as EXEM’s business grew, it needed an optimal IT infrastructure to build high performing, secure, and flexible SaaS solutions to ensure customer satisfaction.

Why EXEM Chose Oracle

After evaluating several options, the company decided to move its CloudMOA, a multicloud management platform, to Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

CloudMOA is a cloud native performance monitoring solution that helps EXEM’s customers unify management and monitoring across IaaS, PaaS, and Database Performance Management components in complex multicloud environments.

The two most compelling reasons why the company selected OCI were its superior performance and price compared to other cloud platforms. EXEM found OCI to be 50% cheaper than AWS, and 30% cheaper than Naver Cloud Platform.

Another reason for choosing OCI was its impressive scalability and adaptability, which are essential for EXEM as it strengthens its position as a professional high tech company with seamless management technology.

EXEM was also impressed with the Oracle ISV team’s commercial and technical support, which eased the transition to OCI. Moving to OCI gave EXEM access to free end-to-end services, from engineering to implementation. In addition, the company uses Oracle ISV go-to-market programs and expands distribution channels to reach a global audience.


The network usage cost of Kubernetes is 50% lower than the competition. EXEM was also able to take advantage of the Kubernetes network bandwidth that runs on a flexible usage service model, while its competitors provided fixed network bandwidth. This helped the company reduce costs and use the savings to expand the business.

In addition, EXEM’s improved scalability and adaptability will, in the long run, support its continued growth and enhance customer experience along the way.

Publié:17 novembre 2021