Kinsus saves with disaster recovery on Oracle Cloud

Kinsus Interconnect Technology moves disaster recovery to Oracle Cloud and slashes service recovery time. It expects to save nearly 25% over five years.

We chose OCI because it best solved our problems. In the past, service recovery took at least one day, but now this can be done within four hours.

Roger YenCIO, Kinsus Interconnect Technology

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Semiconductors are in high demand for use in digital, auto, and high technology products, so ensuring business continuity is a priority for Kinsus Interconnect Technology to serve its global customers.  Taiwan-based Kinsus manufactures ball grid array (BGA) boards used in the semiconductor industry, and it also develops new products and technologies for the packaging industry. The company’s products include Plastic BGA, Multi Chip Module BGA, Mini BGA, Thermal Enhanced BGA, and Flip-Chip substrate boards. As the company grew year over year, so did its dependence on IT, making it important for the company to assure business continuity and reduce downtime.

Kinsus was running its disaster recovery site in a separate data center and relied on backup devices to store the data remotely for recovery if a disaster happened. This resulted in long Recovery Time Objective of at least one day. This approach also required the company to maintain a remote facility, purchasing backup hardware and supporting the ongoing operation. It resulted in significant infrastructure and maintenance expenses.

All this triggered Kinsus to consider cloud-based disaster recovery. Its core applications include Oracle E-Business Suite, ARES ciMes, and various Java and .NET custom applications. The company’s disaster recovery strategy needed to cover these core applications.

The core systems in Kinsus are provided by Oracle, so we chose Oracle Cloud for our cloud infrastructure. Along with eCloudvalley’s rich experience in cloud implementation and maintenance, we can achieve the goals of setting up a business continuity plan.

Mark LinIT Manager, Kinsus Interconnect Technology

Why Kinsus Interconnect Technology chose Oracle

Kinsus selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to implement disaster recovery because it provides the best support to Oracle Database features such as RAC, and performance to support the company’s critical applications. Since its inception, Kinsus has used Oracle E-Business Suite as its ERP and Oracle Database to support its core applications.

In addition, OCI also supports Kinsus applications that require Microsoft SQL Server, .NET, and Java.


Moving its disaster recovery to Oracle Enterprise Database Service on OCI reduced recovery time objective (RTO) from 24 to 4 hours. Recovery point objective (RPO) is less than 1 hour for most circumstances.

The recovery point objective and recovery time objective improvement is achieved by implementing site-to-site VPN, Oracle Active Data Guard, and Microsoft SQL Server AlwaysOn Log Shipping running on OCI in multiple cloud regions. This saves Kinsus from the time and effort to back up, transfer, and restore data manually and also reduces risk of data loss. The company also saved the cost of running a remote facility, including purchasing hardware and staffing operations.

In addition, Kinsus can acquire Oracle Database and Microsoft SQL Server licenses using Oracle Cloud Universal Credits on demand without perpetual license purchases. This significantly reduces the associated licensing costs.

Kinsus also gains additional flexibility, as it takes advantage of OCI for testing new services and applications. This shortens provisioning time, isolates testing from the on-premises production system, and reduces costs. The company can acquire or shut down computing resources as business demands change.


eCloudvalley is committed to be the best partner in digital transformation with enterprises at all levels, and provides Kinsus with professional one-stop cloud services, from consultancy to migration to disaster recovery.

Publié:7 janvier 2022