CS Ahorro y Crédito turns to Oracle to share pandemic aid program

The Costa Rican credit union taps Oracle Eloqua, Sales, and Social Listening to get the right customer data for its ‘Good For All’ campaign.


Using Oracle Social Listening, we were able to understand our customers’ needs and how they behaved. This application allowed us to better serve the Costa Rican society during a difficult period of time.

Juan Luis FernándezMarketing Manager, CS Ahorro y Crédito

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Business challenges

CS Ahorro y Crédito, formerly known as Coopeservidores, is a credit union focused on the welfare of the community, with a triple bottom-line model to help transform economic well-being that adds to social and environmental well-being. With the onset of COVID-19, the business introduced a “Por el Bien de Todos” (“For the Good of All”) campaign, aimed at supporting individuals who lost their jobs and others who were suffering financially due to the pandemic.

To succeed with its long-term mission and near-term “Por el Bien de Todos” campaign, CS Ahorro y Crédito needed a more effective way to communicate, to ensure customers and prospects would receive messages relevant to their individual needs at the moment.

Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation allowed CS Ahorro y Crédito to become the first in Costa Rica to build a fully digital communications environment, moving us to the forefront of new technology.

Juan Luis FernándezMarketing Manager, CS Ahorro y Crédito

Why CS Ahorro y Crédito chose Oracle

The credit union selected Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation for its ability to help generate more leads and revenue, as well as its technical advantages, such as integrations and a longstanding history with the company. CS Ahorro y Crédito had been an Oracle customer for many years prior to this implementation, and the two teams built a strong relationship of trust. During the decision-making process, the Oracle team demonstrated that the Oracle platform supported the credit union’s comprehensive strategy, which would resonate with customers and generate revenue. Lastly, Oracle allowed scalability and integration, making the solution reliable and able to respond to changing business needs and demand during the pandemic.


Using Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation to reach the public helped CS Ahorro y Crédito increase by 22% the number of leads received year over year in 2020. Oracle Eloqua helped the credit union segment its audience, so that the message customers received spoke to their individual needs—from loan and credit card extensions to decreased interest rates and new credit financing. In total, the company completed 524,239 digital transactions during 2020.

Some 42,000 costumers and their families benefited from the “Por el Bien de Todos” campaign specifically. CS Ahorro y Crédito created resources for individuals as well as small- to medium-size businesses impacted by the pandemic, with a program called the Bounce Back Loan. The credit union created a website using Eloqua to allow for lead scoring these potential clients.

More broadly, with Eloqua, the company provided different forms for customers to complete their information and access immediate financial solutions online, without needing to access a brick-and-mortar bank. This real-time solution gave advisors immediate access to process the application, reducing the waiting period for consumers.

CS Ahorro y Crédito integrated Eloqua with Oracle Social Listening, Oracle Sales, and several third-party applications to create a unified ecosystem. The credit union’s commercial teams could understand the entirety of the customer’s buying process, from inquiry to application. Social Listening provided behavior metrics to Eloqua, and subsequently, Eloqua filed leads to the engagement system and on to the sales team.

By finding ways to help citizens during a tumultuous time, CS Ahorro y Crédito saw growth and increased loyalty while meeting its mission.

Publié:3 juin 2022