Banco Original speeds performance 70% with Oracle Exadata

The Brazilian company manages exponential growth in digital banking while reducing time for queries from hours to minutes.

Our infrastructure needed to keep pace with exponential growth, quality, and availability. With Oracle Exadata, we were able to improve our digital banking apps with a higher level of performance and speed to enhance customer service.

Everton Sims de QueirozExecutive Infrastructure Manager, Banco Original

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Banco Original is Brazil’s first bank with completely digital checking accounts, and has experienced nearly 600% retail customer growth in the last six years, with more than 4 million active accounts. Customers expect service to be available at all times, and demand the best performance when accessing accounts and transferring money. The company faces stiff competition from traditional banks and emerging FinTech companies.

The bank needed to improve its IT infrastructure to keep up with recent and projected growth, while maintaining security and the highest quality banking services and customer experience.

Why Banco Original chose Oracle

The bank selected Oracle based on the company's distinguished track record in IT, overall competence, and security focus. The Brazilian company first became an Oracle customer about seven years ago, and bought additional products in 2017, 2019, and 2020, beginning with Oracle Database. The bank hosts its entire banking system, built with third-party software, on Oracle solutions.

Banco Original gradually expanded use of Oracle Database over several years, due to the software’s security and high-performance features. The company selected Oracle Exadata for its entire core banking system because of the technology’s persistent memory optimization, which increased scalability, performance, and availability.


Banco Original moved its core banking applications for investment, insurance, pension plans, loans, and credit card authorization to four Oracle Exadata Database Machine X8M half-rack systems for production and a separate quarter-rack X8M system for testing. The bank originally expected a 30% improvement in transactional data processing but reached an average of 70% better performance—with up to a 90% improvement in some cases—due to a 90% reduction in I/O latency from Exadata X8M’s use of persistent memory and RDMA over Converged Ethernet connectivity. Analytical queries were reduced from hours to minutes for better user experience and faster decision-making.

The database migration to Exadata took five months and involved transferring 50 million files from the Electronic Document Management system using Oracle GoldenGate, resulting in significant time savings. Availability rates during the migration process were above 99.98%.

Data processing speeds from the high-performance Exadata system allow the bank to finish its nightly reconciliation four hours faster than previously. The Exadata platform processes 46,000 files per hour, compared to 6,000 before the migration. Now, Banco Original has more time before typical banking hours to make corrections and plan for contingencies, reducing risk and ensuring better customer service.

The bank’s critical data are automatically backed up by Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance, improving recoverability to any point in time, saving time and costs due to decreased administration. Zero Data Loss provides perpetual, real-time, encrypted backups. Previously, the bank implemented full backups over 48 hours during weekends, and incremental weekday backups. Now, the company can do a full backup in 7 hours, with 15 minutes required for daily incremental backups. Oracle Advanced Security anonymizes customer data and provides legal compliance.


V8 Consulting provided Banco Original with design and deployment services through all phases of the transition.

Publié:24 septembre 2021

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