Bandai Namco Europe elevates gamer experience with Oracle

Bandai Namco Europe newsletter program taps Oracle Responsys to drive people to a new interactive game concept, turning players into brand ambassadors.


Business challenges

Known for its numerous franchised video games, including PAC-MAN™, TAMAGOTCHI™, GUNDAM™, TEKKEN™, and DARK SOULS™, Bandai Namco Europe is a world leader in interactive entertainment. It develops products for all major video game consoles and PC, and it’s also the leading publisher of video games based on animated characters such as Naruto, Dragon Ball, and One Piece.

To promote the launch of its new game, “The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope,” Bandai Namco Europe decided to create an interactive email experience for users, reflecting the fact that the game itself has players decide what the characters should do next, determining the story’s path. The company invited players using its database of gamers and the website registration module created for this campaign.

The email campaign was particularly important for this launch because, given the pandemic, it lacked the usual stages in promoting a launch, such as closed/open beta test, demo, and exhibition. “For this game, we didn’t have all these events and had to find a solution to create brand awareness and engagement,” says Jordy Pommier, E-CRM campaign specialist.

Why Bandai Namco Europe chose Oracle

The company selected Oracle Responsys Campaign Management because of Oracle’s ability to anticipate Bandai Namco Europe campaign needs and the technology’s adaptability in meeting those needs, says Pommier.

Also, company leaders value that Oracle Responsys, part of the Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience suite of applications, directly alerts them if there is a problem with any of the campaign emails. They appreciated that the Responsys application receives quarterly product updates that are automatically made available, and the team can easily see new functionality.


Using Oracle Responsys, Bandai Namco Europe could rapidly adapt its email campaign to fit the choose-your-own-path concept of its new game. The company’s IT staff linked an Oracle Responsys form directly to the customer database. This form took into account the customer’s email address and ID, as well as a choice column that allowed it to record only one event per email. The company linked 15% of game pre-orders directly to the interactive experience created using Oracle Responsys.

Bandai Namco Europe also integrated new newsletter subscribers from the corporate website and social media channels into the interactive program using the Oracle Responsys Data and Programs modules. This integration increased the engagement rate for early subscribers and fans of the brand.

“To achieve that, we let players choose the subject of their next email. Having different answers to the same question promotes discussion and generates engagement,” Pommier says. “As a result, many users shared on social networks screens of our emails, assets, comments, and even tutorials.” This turned players into true brand ambassadors. The company has seen a 10% increase of the brand fan base coming from website and social media. The engagement rose from 11% to 36%.

Once people clicked on the first email in the campaign, Bandai Namco Europe saw an 80% average unique open rate and 90% reactivity for the following one. The data Bandai Namco Europe received from using Oracle Responsys also helped it build closer ties to partners in the development studios. The two teams could improve the way they communicated to users, and could get accurate information back about the game they promoted. This project also built stronger ties to internal departments, including customer relationship management, web, ecommerce, and social media teams.

“An essential takeaway is that we have plenty of ways to improve this program further with Oracle Responsys,” Pommier says. “We can use it as a template to propose more options for the next title launch.” The main tool the team will be sure to add for future interactive experiences is Oracle Responsys’ mobile push notifications module, to continue the success in reaching more players and increasing open rates.

Publié:23 mai 2022