Teleperformance manages 8,000 staff changes per week with Oracle Cloud HCM

The contact center company deploys integrated Oracle Cloud HCM across six countries, achieving end-to-end visibility, traceability, and automation.


Oracle Cloud HCM enabled us to improve employee management across six countries and streamline the process of selecting and recruiting new talent. With Oracle, we went from siloed systems to a unified HR platform.

Emilio Torres FloresVice President Business Evolution, IberoLatam

Business challenges

Teleperformance Nearshore Region is a leading provider of contact center services in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. The Nearshore Region is composed of six countries—Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. The company’s business units were managing workforces autonomously, operating diverse HR processes and applications, which provided little visibility and control of consolidated information.

Recruitment was another issue for Teleperformance Nearshore Region, as the company screens close to 1 million people yearly and handles up to 8,000 staff changes every week in the Nearshore Region—including recruitments, layoffs, promotions, and demotions.

Targeting two types of employees, administrative staff and contact center agents, Teleperformance had to be active on multiple recruitment channels to attract the best candidates.

With our improved employee services enabled by Oracle, we are recognized as a ‘Great Place to Work’ in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Emilio Torres FloresVice President Business Evolution, IberoLatam

Why Teleperformance Nearshore Region chose Oracle

When searching for a human capital management solution, Teleperformance Nearshore Region looked at multiple vendors, including Oracle and SAP. The company selected Oracle Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM) since the solution provided the flexibility to handle large volumes of HR information across different countries. Additionally, Oracle Cloud HCM came at a lower cost.

The company also chose Oracle Fusion Analytics for HCM for its prebuilt KPIs, extensibility, and unification with Oracle Cloud HCM, simplifying deployment and increasing the value of its HCM data.

Teleperformance Nearshore Region consolidates all HR information from its subsidiaries in six countries on an integrated platform, enabling end-to-end HR management, analysis, and reporting.


To support more than 40,000 employees across the Nearshore Region, Teleperformance deployed Oracle Cloud HCM to consolidate all HR information from its subsidiaries onto an integrated and reliable platform, enabling end-to-end HR management and reporting, and full visibility into human resources across six countries.

Oracle Cloud HCM provides Teleperformance with the agility and flexibility to respond to the changing needs and legal requirements of local labor markets by adapting HR processes, including full traceability of all transactions.

Using Oracle Cloud HCM, the company could analyze, model, budget, and administer compensation plans in its subsidiaries across the region. It now has accurate salary details for 40,000 staff members, and has enjoyed annual payroll savings. 

Using Oracle Talent Management, Teleperformance took control of every stage in the performance evaluation lifecycle. Handling about 8,000 staff movements per week, the company could rapidly assess hundreds of thousands of candidates and optimally fill vacant positions.

With Oracle Recruiting, Teleperformance Nearshore Region designed candidate-centric experiences that integrated with the LinkedIn job portal for a greater reach. Using the solution’s automation capabilities, the company made job postings, candidate communication, and screening almost entirely digital. As a result, Teleperformance substantially improved hiring efficiency, increasing its capabilities to select candidates and recruit employees by 50%.

The company increased workforce modeling and prediction accuracy by 90% using data visualizations and machine learning included with Oracle Fusion Analytics for HCM. Furthermore, workforce management changes for its Nearshores Region can now be analyzed 85% faster, reducing future risks and problems in the recruiting process.

To manage the pandemic, Teleperformance deployed Oracle Workforce Health and Safety in the Nearshore Region. Incident reporting, previously done manually, is now a fully automated process, helping the company track COVID cases. As a result, the company promotes a culture of workplace safety while minimizing health risks.


Teleperformance Nearshore Region worked with Oracle Partner NextG to deploy Oracle Cloud HCM.

Publié:27 mai 2022

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