Oracle Solutions for Clinical Operations (CO)

Oracle Solutions for Clinical Operations (CO)

Better Efficacy, Less Cost

With a single environment, you can achieve advanced, end-to-end, clinical trial management.

Clinical Operations

Employ Ongoing Risk-Driven Monitoring
Employ Ongoing Risk-Driven Monitoring icon Employ Ongoing Risk-Driven Monitoring

How are you measuring the effectiveness of your risk-based monitoring strategy?

By using risk indicators and thresholds to identify and track critical data and processes, you can prioritize and quantify risks to data integrity and trial participant safety.

Improve Your Time to Market
Improve Your Time to Market icon Improve Your Time to Market

Are you able to obtain real-time access to trial, site, and user operational performance?

With real-time enrollment and site-performance metrics in a centralized, trial-management database, you can make fast and accurate decisions.

Set Up Study Plans Quickly and Accurately
Set Up Study Plans Quickly and Accurately icon Set Up Study Plans Quickly and Accurately

Can you quickly develop accurate and achievable study costs, timelines, and FTE forecasts?

By entering your clinical assumptions, you can create complete clinical project plans in minutes and spur outsource contract closure time by up to 75 percent, while retaining study goals.

Accelerate Budget Delivery
Accelerate Budget Delivery icon Accelerate Budget Delivery

Do your operational intelligence and processes reside in, or depend on, spreadsheets?

With your data in the cloud, you can forecast 95 to 99 percent of study cost, shorten timelines, maintain versioning consistency, and achieve study goals.

Make Important Decisions Faster
Make Important Decisions Faster icon Make Important Decisions Faster

How are you conducting cross-study operational analyses?

With an advanced analytics solution you can gain a comprehensive view of clinical programs and study activity across the organization and identify nonperforming sites sooner.

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