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Link Cross-Channel Marketing Activities to Real Revenue with Insight

Oracle Responsys gives marketers the analytics and reporting capabilities they need to quickly understand how campaigns, programs, and messages impact engagement and conversions across segments, channels, and devices. Digital marketers can better serve their customers and demonstrate marketing value with Oracle Cross-Channel Orchestration.

Simple Interface, Sophisticated Insights

    • Granular Attribution: Easily measure revenue by purchase segment across channels.
    • Reduce IT Dependencies: Rapidly inform marketing decisions.
    • Marketing Excellence: Perform sophisticated analysis with ease.
Oracle Responsys Interactive Dashboards screenshot

Analyze and Adapt Journeys in Real Time

  • Measure KPIs of inflight campaigns with Program Analyze.
  • Make adjustments in real time to guarantee the best results.
  • Prioritize the delivery of granular, cross-channel data with speed.
Oracle Responsys Real-Time Analysis screenshot

Make Real-Time Decisions on Complex Testing Scenarios

  • Integrated Testing Analytics means you faster deployment and iteration.
  • Sophisticated Multivariate Analytics from one real-time dashboard.
  • Insight into eight different versions from one screen.
Oracle Responsys In-Flight Testing screenshot

The State of Cross-Channel B2C Marketing

How does Oracle Responsys help marketers deliver experiences that convert? Oracle Responsys helps marketers with built-in tools like Multivariate Testing, Winner Select, and more to reduce implementation and iteration dependencies on IT and leverage complex testing strategies—all while remaining easy to use.

How is the Oracle Marketing Cloud different than other tools and platforms? Oracle Marketing Cloud brings all of the production and analysis functions of testing and optimizing into the same platform marketers already use. This makes it easy for marketers to not only test, but optimize, successfully across channels by monitoring response in near real-time and automatically scaling the experiences customers love most.

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Marketing Cloud Customer Stories

B&Q logo

B&Q Uses Kinetic Email Module to Increase Mobile Engagement 32 Percent

B&Q needed a solution to boost engagement rates within the body of the email.
National Pen logo

National Pen Company Reduces Costs and Time Spent with Lifecycle Marketing

National Pen Company replaced a tedious and manual list segmentation process that took several weeks.
Comcast logo

Comcast Gets 20:1 Return on Customer Experience with Oracle

Comcast uses Oracle Marketing Cloud technology and expertise for a better customer experience with transparency and personalization using data-driven digital marketing that delivered a 20:1 return at this Fortune 50 media and entertainment company.
Powtoon logo

Oracle Responsys Delivers Winning Formula for Animation Software PowToon

Oracle Responsys A/B testing capabilities make our content optimization seamless. We increased efficiency by applying an automated messaging approach that was triggered by ongoing user behavior, instead of using recurring broadcast campaigns.
—Ofir Platner, Head of Online Marketing Operations & Analytics, PowToon
Oracle Responsys


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