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Provide a Sustainable Customer Experience

Oracle Responsys’ program orchestration is a simple but powerful canvas for marketers to orchestrate individual customer experiences across digital marketing channels, including email, mobile, display, and social. Marketers can now create consumer paths that are self-directed and drive higher conversion rates.

Personalize Cross-Channel Customer Experiences with Orchestration Canvas

    • Own the Customer Life Cycle: Create and manage experiences that span the entire customer life cycle.
    • Avoid the Journey to Nowhere: Programs rapidly adapt to actual behavior, not desired behavior.
    • Increase Customer Lifetime Value: Create consistently individualized cross-channel experiences that build loyalty.
New Orchestration Canvas screenshot

Orchestrate SMS, MMS, Push & In-App Messaging

  • Manage the Mobile Lifecycle: Create behavior-based, personalized experiences customers love – without IT.
  • Integrated Messaging: Cross mobile with email and web channels to deliver personalized device-to-device experiences.
  • Optimize Customer Experience: Make data-driven decisions with testing and real-time insight across mobile channels.
Mobile Messaging screenshot

Retarget, Recapture, and Cross-Sell Within Program

  • One Canvas: Retarget messages to consumers across digital channels from the Program Canvas.
  • Cross-Channel Consistency: Influence transactions across the web.
  • Drive Down Spend: Lower media spend and drive ROI with enhanced targeting capabilities.
Display Your Way screenshot

Recapture in Real-Time with Rapid Retargeter

    • Move As Fast As Your Customers Do: Deliver timely messages across channels that drive conversions.
    • Real Time Triggered Events: Web events trigger other channel actions, like a browse or cart abandon email, in real-time.
    • The Power of Web Data: Pull in data from web analytics to improve targeting and relevance.
Rapid Retargeter screenshot

Create Adaptive, Personalized Experiences at Scale

    • Unify the Customer Experience: Adapt to individual customer lifecycles by allowing their actions to dictate their experience.
    • Get Granular Customer Insights: Analyze the granular behaviors being collected across your digital assets.
    • One Platform: Orchestrate each interaction across email, mobile, web, and paid media through a simple, yet sophisticated canvas.
Personalize At Scale screenshot

Adaptive Programs Transform the Customer Experience

Avoid customer journeys to nowhere. Most customer journey tools use static email segments and non real-time data to inform the customer the path. Oracle Responsys allows the marketer to pipe in real-time behavioral data to inform the customer experience, allowing the customer to dictate the path that’s right for them based on their actions.

Test and optimize to iterate, rather than rebuild, your campaigns. Marketers know the story. They create a campaign with a set of steps for the consumer to follow, but more often than not, the consumer deviates from that current path. Program Orchestration features rich testing and optimization tools that allow you to quickly adapt to the consumer path and ensure long-term success.

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Marketing Cloud Customer Stories

Powtoon logo

Oracle Responsys Delivers Winning Formula for Animation Software PowToon

Oracle Responsys A/B testing capabilities make our content optimization seamless. We increased efficiency by applying an automated messaging approach that was triggered by ongoing user behavior, instead of using recurring broadcast campaigns.
—Ofir Platner, Head of Online Marketing Operations & Analytics, PowToon
Telstra logo

Telstra Makes Meaningful Connections for Deeper Customer Relationships

Our newly redesigned customer e-newsletter is a valuable channel to help us serve and know our customers better than anyone else.
—Wilhelm De Salvo, Senior Digital Channels Specialist, Telstra
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