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Next Generation Analytics Measures Marketing Success

Measuring marketing success and how it affects the bottom line can be a daunting task for even the veteran marketer. With Oracle Eloqua, marketers have an easy to use, flexible and powerful reporting package available at their fingertips to accurately track and measure business impact.

Oracle’s dashboard and reporting backed by the power of Oracle Business Intelligence provide both high-level and detailed insights to guide marketers in critical decisions in real-time.

Map Cross-Channel Engagement to Real Revenue

    • Closed-Loop Reporting: Track campaign success to determine impact on pipeline, revenue, and ROI.
    • Analyze Campaign Engagement Activity: Identify channels and offers generating the highest interest, engagement, and conversion.
    • Web Analytics: Get insights into website performance—who is visiting and why.
Oracle Eloqua Marketing Impact screenshot

Track Engagement Across an Account

  • Account Based Reporting: Visualize the aggregated engagement of accounts and identify those that are highly engaged.
  • Top 10 Accounts: View your top 10 engaged accounts and their recent activity timeline.
  • Custom Account Analytics: Build custom account analytics to understand performance of your account based campaigns.
Oracle Eloqua Insights screenshot

Quickly Assess Success

  • Evaluate Campaign Success: View high-level or detailed performance reports based on activities and data segments.
  • Interactive Reports: Hover over graph and bubble chart activity to quickly glimpse current metrics.
  • Customize Dashboards: Filter dashboards to customize to preferred views or search for specific criteria.
Oracle Eloqua Measurement and Analytics screenshot

Leverage Best-of-Breed Analytics To Measure Success

  • Intuitive interface: Use the simplified interface of Oracle’s integrated business intelligence application to pull in data from external sources for easy analysis.
  • Flexible Custom Reports and Dashboards: Quickly and painlessly create new “out-of-the-box” reports and dashboards.
Oracle Eloqua Measurement and Analytics screenshot

What makes Oracle Eloqua Insights unique?

Oracle Eloqua has designed dynamic, intuitive analytics and reporting capabilities benefiting users with more flexibility and power.

  • Use the next generation of Oracle Eloqua Insight dashboards and reports enhanced by integration with Oracle Business Intelligence.
  • Leverage Oracle Eloqua standard ‘out of the box’ reports and dashboards.
  • Utilize new standardized ‘subject areas’ that include metrics and dimensions designed to work together to ensure that marketers can maximize the utility of their data, and get a complete data-driven understanding of marketing campaign success at any scale.
Oracle Marketing Cloud

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