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Our Products

Audiences: Understand consumer behavior like never before

Engage your best customers and most valuable prospects with relevant messaging. Increase sales and reduce wasted advertising with Oracle Audience Solutions.

    • Get better insights and more reach with breadth and depth of data across lifestyle, purchase transactions, and online behavior.
    • More accurately reach your intended audiences wherever they engage online: on social platforms, connected television, streaming audio, and throughout the open web.
    • Unlock the value of your existing data with Oracle OnRamp, and reach customers across 99 percent of the media landscape.
    • Unify your customer data and understand the entire customer journey with the Oracle Data Management Platform (DMP).
    • Products/services include: Audiences by Oracle, Oracle Datalogix & AddThis Audiences, Branded 3rd Party Partner Audiences, Custom Audiences, OnRamp (1st party data) Audiences, DMP, OAP, Data Enablement, and Direct Mail.

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Context: The right environment can make or break your message

With Oracle Contextual Intelligence, advertisers and publishers can better understand the underlying meaning of the content and environment where their ads are served. This enables advertisers to protect their brand, take advantage of brand-suitable environments and connect with audiences at scale.

    • Protect against fraud and deliver your message in-view and brand-safe environments
    • Effectively balance risk and opportunity with technology that can power accurate, customized segmentation with speed and scale.
    • Reach unique audiences across the web and beyond—into video, image, in-app, social, and other formats—as they navigate mindsets and life moments.
    • Leverage our deep industry expertise, strategy, and service to provide recommendations and rapid custom segment creation.
    • Products/services include: Contextual Targeting (Standard & Custom), Brand Safety (Standard & Custom), Predicts (Dynamic Contextual Segments), and Pre-Bid by Moat (Invalid Traffic & Viewability).

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Measurement: Measure what matters with Moat

Our Moat Measurement Solutions give you a 360-degree view of your media—what’s working, and why—so that you can optimize campaigns and inventory toward your desired goals.

    • Verify and measure consumer engagement to strengthen your media strategy through invalid traffic, viewability, brand-safety, and attention signals.
    • Understand people-based reach and frequency across channels.
    • Connect performance with real-world sales.
    • Leverage insights to drive ad effectiveness and intended outcomes.
    • Products/services include: Moat Analytics, Moat Reach, Moat Outcomes, and Moat Pro.

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The Data Hotline is my #1 go-to, both for RFPs and to whip up proactive audiences for my agencies and their brands. Their team is extremely responsive and a great resource for generating custom audience data across every vertical and internationally.”

Meredith Tyma, Sr. Account Executive, The Trade Desk