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Свяжитесь с нами Вход в Oracle Cloud

AI Vision Features

Image analysis built for enterprise scenarios

Detect objects and classify images

OCI Vision can classify images into thousands of categories to simplify common digital asset management scenarios or identify items that need attention, such as overgrowth near a power line. Developers can also identify and localize objects in images to automate counting of common items, such as packages and vehicles.

Models customized to business domain

Train and manage models effortlessly

With access to pretrained models, developers can create custom models without managing custom model infrastructure. The OCI Vision user interface also helps developers upload data and train an image classification or object detection model, review custom model metrics, and organize models into projects. This makes creating highly accurate, custom-trained computer vision models accessible to everyone.

Efficient and simple architecture

Integrate and deploy easily

OCI Vision is a versatile service that can be called via REST APIs, two different SDKs, or the OCI command line. Developers can easily deploy a scalable vision service—without having data science or ML expertise.