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Свяжитесь с нами Вход в Oracle Cloud

Lower your TCO for Oracle Database Standard Edition with the Bring Your Own License (BYOL) program

Upgrading Standard Edition databases to Autonomous Database with BYOL is a smart investment decision—you’ll spend less and do more—that lets you use Oracle’s best database innovations at no extra cost. Offering a rich collection of financial and functional incentives, BYOL will simplify your operations and improve your applications.

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Spending less and doing more is a smart investment

  • Minimal costs

    Autonomous Database cuts administrative costs by up to 80% through automated database operations and reduces database processor costs with unmatched price-performance and autoscaling. BYOL enables 76% lower CPU costs, and Oracle Support Rewards reduces your support bill. Altogether, these savings dramatically decrease your total cost of ownership.

  • The best that Oracle offers

    Upgrade Standard Edition to Autonomous Database and get all of Oracle’s best database innovations for highest performance, availability, reliability, security, application development, and machine learning without having to buy Enterprise Edition and its options.

  • Better security and availability

    Autonomous Database is encrypted, provides controls for privacy and regulated data, and automatically applies the latest security patches. Oracle Data Safe ensures data governance and visibility to data threats. Oracle Real Application Clusters and Oracle Autonomous Data Guard protect against outages and data loss.

Toei upgraded its sales system from Standard Edition to Oracle Autonomous Database

Toei, a Japanese movie company, made the switch. Using tutorials offered by Oracle, Toei upgraded from an on-premises environment to Autonomous Database in only one month, independently and without business disruption. Using BYOL, Toei reduced its costs, increased its application performance, and improved its business efficiency without making any application modifications.

Логотип концепции «Планирование, внедрение, инновации» Планирование, внедрение, инновации

Компания Oracle предоставляет как передовые технологии, так и необходимую поддержку на каждом этапе вашей работы: от планирования и внедрения наших систем до дальнейших инновационных решений.

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A quick TCO assessment

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