Health Checks

Oracle Health Checks provides the ability to monitor and alert on the availability of any public-facing service hosted in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Additionally, Oracle Health Checks is fully integrated with the Oracle DNS Traffic Management service to enable automated detection of service failures and trigger DNS failovers to ensure continuity of service when needed.

Availability and performance monitoring

Monitor the availability and performance of any public-facing IP address or fully qualified domain name (FQDN).

Simple UI configuration

Easy to configure Health Checks for external monitoring from vantage points around the globe.

Availability monitoring

Monitor for the availability of any publicly visible IP address or FQDN from vantage points located around the globe.

Performance monitoring

Monitor for latency metrics for any publicly visible IP address or FQDN from vantage points located around the globe.

On-demand testing

Perform tests on demand to gauge performance and troubleshoot endpoints.

DNS traffic management failover detection

Detect failures and use DNS Traffic Management to failover in the event of a problem.

Integrated with Traffic Management

Create a Health Check within the DNS Traffic Management workflow, or create one ahead of time and attach it to a DNS Traffic Manager policy.

Failure detection

Detect an availability problem with any FQDN or IP address and automatically failover to the backup resource.

Alerting and API

Fully integrated with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring and backed by an extensive REST API.


Fully integrated into Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring to ease in the creation of alerts based on incoming metrics.


Health Checks integrates easily with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure SDK and CLI.


A REST API provides programmatic access to current and historical monitoring data for up to 90 days.

Hybrid monitoring

Monitor endpoints within the Oracle cloud and across your hybrid infrastructure.

Hybrid monitoring

Supports monitoring of any endpoint FQDN or IP address hosted in the Oracle cloud or across your hybrid infrastructure.

Multicloud monitoring

Flexible configuration provides monitoring support for multicloud scenarios.