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Are you Generation Oracle?

GenO isn’t like other career programmes. Bring your ideas, your curiosity and your true self. Begin your Generation Oracle story by applying today.

Generation Oracle

Create the future with us

We give you the opportunity to steer our business into the future, while we prepare you for success in sales, solution engineering, or consulting.

What makes GenO special?

Get immersed

Get immersed

Imagine an entire year spent exploring, training, and growing. Hands-on experience will accelerate your career path at Oracle.


Innovate like never before

Challenge the status quo. Ask hard questions. Create out-of-the-box solutions. You’re here to help us reimagine what’s possible.

Be the real you

Be the real you

There’s no one size fits all. You’ll be joining a talented, diverse group of people who will support, challenge, and inspire you.

See your impact

See your impact

Your creativity will add to Oracle's success. Make your mark on projects that impact our company, customers, and communities.

Business areas

What are you curious about?


Learn how to inspire customers through storytelling! You’ll build top-class networking skills and harness the power of social media to win new business.

Solution Engineering

Put your passion for technology to work by helping customers understand what they can achieve with Oracle solutions.

  • New openings coming soon


Become a trusted advisor. You’ll learn how to analyse business problems, navigate IT opportunities, and help customers achieve real-world success with our cloud solutions.

Your application roadmap


Take the first step! Submit your application and let us know why we’d be great together.


If your application is successful, our recruiter will call you for a quick chat.

Assessment day

Collaborate with other GenO applicants to solve problems and demonstrate how you think.


Congratulations! Let your GenO journey begin.

This could be your path

No matter your background or where you’re headed, our inclusive, growth-focused culture will help you thrive. Here is how our employees succeed.

Bouchra Ben Jelloun

Bouchra Ben Jelloun

Principal Sales Consultant

Hilario Selles

Hilario Selles

Applications Sales Representative

Eva McEneaney

Eva McEneaney

Project Manager

Kathy Wu

Kathy Wu

Technology Consulting Communications Manager