Oracle Corporate Governance

Oracle is committed to upholding the highest standards of business ethics and sound corporate governance practices.

Governance Guidelines and Committee Charters

Oracle’s Board of Directors has adopted Corporate Governance Guidelines and committee charters to help ensure it has the necessary authority and procedures in place to oversee the work of management and to exercise independence in evaluating Oracle’s business operations. These guidelines allow the Board to align the interests of directors and management with those of Oracle's shareholders.

Codes of Ethics

To promote and maintain the highest ethical standards and compliance with the law, Oracle has adopted Codes of Ethics and Business Conduct applicable to our employees, partners, and suppliers.

Oracle Corporate Citizenship Report

Good corporate citizenship means being intentional and thoughtful about the value we generate as a company—not only for our shareholders, but also for our people, our planet, and future generations. It means applying the same level of commitment, rigor, and sincerity to changing lives as we do to building cutting-edge technology for our customers.