CTDI moves sustainability initiatives forward with Oracle EPM Cloud

CTDI moves financial modeling to the Cloud to support sustainability planning and cost-saving initiatives.

Founded in 1975, Communications Test Design, Inc. (CTDI) is a full-service, global engineering, repair, and logistics company that provides cost-effective solutions to the communications industry. CTDI’s one-stop service commitment to customers has fueled the growth from a core business of equipment repair to include network infrastructure repair and logistics; engineering and network deployment solutions; product engineering, sourcing, and supply services; consumer product (set-top box, modems, and data) testing, repair, and logistics; and automotive remanufacturing and logistics. CTDI’s customers include major wireline and wireless telecom carriers, cable service providers, and original equipment manufacturers from around the world.


With Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service, we now have a highly available and scalable solution without upfront infrastructure investment, helping us to save more than $150,000 annually. The Oracle solution offers us support in our current and future sustainability initiatives.

— Paul CardellVice President, Corporate Operations, CTDI

Oracle offers the best solution for our current and future business needs. We know that Oracle is continually looking for ways to design its hardware for reduced environmental impact, as well as controlling the end-of-life treatment of its hardware to reduce environmental waste.

— Paul CardellVice President, Corporate Operations, CTDI

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CTDI is committed to operating in a sustainable manner by implementing processes that minimize its negative environmental and social impacts, improve efficiency, and strengthen its competitive advantage. The company embraces its corporate responsibility to integrate sustainable practices throughout all levels of operations and, as such, CTDI’s corporate headquarters is leading the way to a comprehensive, global sustainability mindset across all of its more than 90 facilities worldwide. CTDI is assessing ways to reduce its carbon footprint as a means to combatting global climate change.

CTDI views sustainability not just as an environmental benefit, but as a tool to reduce costs in the future. The company utilizes Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service for its financial modeling, a crucial component of all sustainability planning and cost-saving initiatives. The company is currently implementing Oracle Cloud solutions to support its data needs, which will enable it to decommission three to six servers in its data center. CTDI expects to save $500 in energy, $500 in operating system licenses, and $1,500 in hardware maintenance costs annually for each server decommissioned, resulting in savings of $7,500 to $15,000 each year, as well as an upfront avoided cost of $150,000 in hardware for processing servers and data storage. Additionally, by using Oracle Cloud, CTDI can reduce its energy use by 70% to 80% on average versus running on-premise servers.

Moving forward, CTDI envisions a future in which all of its data is in the cloud, thereby reducing its energy costs and subsequent carbon footprint. Leveraging Oracle’s data centers—which are optimized for processing, energy, and cooling efficiency—CTDI can gain huge economies of scale, especially with reduced energy consumption and minimized environmental impact, by sharing Oracle’s computing resources.

Published:January 1, 2018