Liberty Oilfield Services fuels insights with Oracle Cloud

The independent provider of hydraulic fracturing services modernizes with Oracle Cloud to improve decision-making and power growth.


Business challenges

Liberty Oilfield Services offers safe and efficient hydraulic fracturing services to onshore oil and natural gas exploration and production companies in North America.

The company grew from a startup in 2011 to a $2.5 billion business today, achieving more than 700% growth in just the last four years. Because of the rapid growth, Liberty needed modern technology to scale, as well as a platform that could evolve with business needs and requirements. Liberty’s growth also made it difficult to maintain a strategic data map, track performance issues, and spin up new databases in its eight data centers.

Why Liberty Oilfield Services chose Oracle

The fracking company evaluated several platforms, including Epicor and SAP, but decided Oracle was ultimately the best fit for its ERP, HCM, payroll, EPM, SCM, and cloud platform requirements. After successful implementations of Oracle Cloud ERP and Oracle Cloud SCM, Liberty continued with Oracle Cloud EPM and Oracle Transportation Management

It also adopted Oracle Cloud HCM, which allowed the company to re-evaluate its HR policies and enforce new standardized processes using automated workflows. For example, it implemented a unified data model for HCM and ERP, and an automated tracking and employee onboarding procedure.

Additionally, Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics Cloud became Liberty’s foundational reporting solution for all operational and financial data and eliminated complex data management activities. With the combination of Autonomous Data Warehouse and Analytics, Liberty Oilfield can render a data analytics cube in 48 seconds, rather than the previous time of 12.5 hours.


As a result of its Oracle Cloud migration, Liberty has benefited from seamless integration for all key business functions and improved coordination between quoted and executed jobs. In addition, the company has automated repetitive processes, which allows staff to focus on issue resolution and analysis. With greater visibility into inventory use and costs against fleets, the company has experienced improved decision-making and increased accuracy during transaction entry. Also, Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse lets the company provision databases in seconds and autoscale to add more compute power on demand for peak performance and future growth.

Native connectivity with Oracle Analytics Cloud and Autonomous Data Warehouse enabled Liberty employees to easily access real-time data, allowing them to make instant decisions. The integrated suite of Oracle cloud applications and infrastructure technologies also equipped Liberty staff to seamlessly transition to working from home during the pandemic.


Liberty turned to Peloton, its long-term partner, to provide world-class consulting resources during the implementation.

Published:December 23, 2021