Lojas Leader optimizes digital communications with Oracle Responsys

The retailer uses Oracle Responsys to boost campaign agility and gain insights into customer behavior, with email open rates climbing to 50%.


We have optimized several performance indicators with Oracle Responsys Campaign Management. We started our ecommerce journey during the pandemic, and through Oracle's solution, we increased the number of leads and return customers. We used web push and were able to communicate at precise times through relationship rules. With this approach, we are having email open rates of nearly 50%.

Rodrigo Almeida de AbreuIT Executive Manager, Lojas Leader

Business challenges

Lojas Leader is a department store chain founded in 1951, operating more than 70 brick-and-mortar stores across nine states in Brazil. Through both physical and online retail, Lojas Leader offers products such as clothing, household goods, and toys, focusing on the Brazilian family audience.

Lojas Leader was serving its physical stores successfully but needed to improve digital communication with potential customers to grow sales in its online channels. The company’s existing tools lacked connectivity and operated in a fragmented environment where marketing actions were not centralized or optimized. The tool also had minimal segmentation capabilities, which hindered the retailer’s ability to effectively communicate with customers.

The company wanted to promote a more assertive offer of products and financial services, and facilitate stronger engagement with its customers. The company's management knew that contacting customers in an orchestrated and agile way through its digital channels would create new opportunities in times of crisis. It would also allow Lojas Leader to better understand the journey of its consumers based on data analysis.

Oracle Responsys Campaign Management offered integration agility, a user-friendly interface, clear dashboards, and competitive pricing.

Why Lojas Leader chose Oracle

Lojas Leader chose Oracle Responsys Campaign Management to optimize its digital marketing campaigns and reach its target audience more effectively. The tool offers various desired features as integration agility, a user-friendly interface, clear dashboards, and competitive pricing.

The team at Lojas Leader also determined that Oracle Responsys would enable a high level of customization, such as the ability to make specific campaigns based on the type of operating system or browser that the client was using. Finally, it combined all the needs of Lojas Leader’s stores into a single solution.

Using customer segmentation and web push, Lojas Leader has an email open rate of approximately 50%.


Lojas Leader used Oracle Responsys Campaign Management to establish and support a more focused customer communication strategy through powerful multichannel campaigns across email, web push, app push, SMS, and WhatsApp.

The profiling intelligence and segmentation Responsys offered allowed the business to increase the number of interactions with clients. Relationship rules were created to assert the best time, day of the week, and communication channel through system’s the Send Time Optimization functionality. Using web push and communications at precise moments by means of relationship rules, today the company has an email open rate of approximately 50%.

Among other qualitative results observed by the Lojas Leader Stores teams include effective control of customer marketing emails and the triggering of SMS messages. The company also saw increased open rates for invoice emails for the group’s store-branded credit card, leading to fewer missed payments and defaults.


To enable the design and implementation of Oracle Responsys Campaign Management, Lojas Leader relied on Adin, an Oracle-certified implementation partner. The company also enlisted the help of Eyou, a broker specialized in mass communications to send messages on SMS and WhatsApp channels.

Published:January 16, 2023

About the customer

Lojas Leader was founded in 1951 in the municipality of Miracema in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro. The department store chain was born with the aim of offering everything people need in one place.