Bank turns to Oracle Cloud to drive global growth

Mauritius Commercial Bank invests in Oracle Cloud ERP for greater speed, service, and scalability.


Oracle Cloud enables us to focus our resources on innovation and transformation.

Patrice HervéIT Director, Mauritius Commercial Bank

Business challenges

Under its “Bank of Banks” initiative, Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) provides a wide variety of services that help other banks in the region grow and expand their capacity. At the same time, MCB is the largest commercial bank on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius. Since its founding in 1838, the bank has nurtured community self-sufficiency and sustainability by supporting small businesses.

To deliver on its bold vision, MCB needed cloud financial and HR applications that would free up the bank’s key teams from tedious back-office operations to focus on its core mission.

Why Mauritius Commercial Bank Chose Oracle

Oracle Cloud ERP and Oracle Cloud HCM provide scalability and fast access to innovations and technology, automating manual tasks that were holding MCB back. This has allowed MCB to redeploy its IT team to more critical tasks such as those that directly impact customers. MCB, as a highly regulated financial institution, also saw Oracle Cloud’s data security as a key differentiator.


Since migrating to Oracle Cloud applications, MCB has received four updates within one year—four times more than it implemented with its on-premise applications in the previous 10 years—putting modern finance and HR tools in its employees’ hands. MCB implemented Oracle Cloud ERP in just four months and now is able to scale up or down quickly.

“It's now straightforward to tailor resources to our needs,” says IT director Patrice Hervé. “Before, on a traditional infrastructure solution, it was much more complicated.” With its Oracle Cloud HCM applications, MCB is reviewing employee objectives more regularly and adjusting goals as business priorities change throughout the year.

“Now we have the time, resources, and people to prioritize critical projects for the bank,” Hervé says.

Published:May 19, 2020