Redefine Corporate Lending and Optimize Credit Management

Re-engineer corporate credit management services with a commercial loan origination software to address customer needs and enhance business performance. Enable banks to embrace digital capabilities across credit management, origination, and servicing. Efficiently manage complex commercial loan processes, easily structure syndicated loans, and trade loan portfolios while mitigating risks. Enable centralized collateral management, enterprise-wide limits definition, and tracking of exposure.

Corporate Lending & Optimize Credit Management

Corporate Lending Solutions

Digitize Corporate Lending

Empower staff with new age technologies, advanced process frameworks, and increased automation; offer superior digital experience and on-demand, custom financing for customers. Accelerate loan origination, offer comprehensive servicing and maximize corporate loans efficiency.

  • Flexible features for bilateral loans help banks cater to all types of funding needs
  • Loan syndication and secondary loan trading capabilities allow banks to optimize loan portfolios
  • Real-time limits, facilities, and collateral management enable banks to manage exposures effectively
  • Centralized lending capabilities empower banks to offer seamless experience across channels
  • State-of-the-art analytical capabilities enable insight-driven corporate lending
  • Superior capabilities for pricing and billing allow banks to structure deals with profitable outcomes

Optimize Credit Management

Accelerate credit origination and track exposures in real-time and manage business risks effectively. Optimize credit management and maximize bank staff efficiency with dashboard facility, efficient workflows, and process automation.

  • Extend credit line suited to corporate customers’ unique business needs
  • Prequalify credit lines and simplify loan origination to just a drawdown
  • Track customers’ business growth and extend limits and credit lines
  • Leverage prebuilt APIs to build differentiated and connected experiences
  • Track exposures in real-time and manage business risks effectively
  • Maximize bank staff efficiency with dashboard facility, efficient workflows, and process automation

Real-Time Enterprise Limits and Collateral Management

Provides a single source for managing exposures across the enterprise in real time, enabling centralized collateral management, enterprise-wide limits definition, and tracking.

  • Efficient limit utilization with centralized control and monitoring of credit exposure
  • Informed credit decisions with fast and accurate credit information
  • Improved exposure management with collateral pooling and contribution controls
  • Improved efficiency of the limits and collateral lifecycle through easy integration with other systems
  • Streamlined limits and collateral management process
  • Coverage across banking functions enables superior corporate banking services

Product Features for Corporate Lending

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Proactive Credit Management Services Enabler

  • Real time tracking of facilities helps mitigate credit risks
  • Digitized credit appraisal management enables faster processing of credit proposals
  • Multientity structures help meet global corporates' credit needs
  • Integrated dashboard provides complete customer credit information

Seamless Origination

  • Process framework enables streamlined interaction between stakeholders
  • High level of straight-through processing ensures faster origination
  • Interfacing to credit bureaus enables effective credit evaluation
  • Auto-decision capability accelerates approval process

Comprehensive Loan Servicing

  • End-to-end capabilities to meet financing needs of all types of customers
  • Offer complex credit solutions with rich functional features
  • Flexibility to change loan terms allows for customer renegotiations
  • Real-time tracking of loan status lowers risk of nonperforming assets
  • Multicurrency transactions support enhances global customers' experience

Loan Syndication

  • Manage thousands of lenders and offer complex syndicated loans
  • Meet unique borrowing needs with broad capabilities for tranches and drawdowns
  • Enable syndicated contracts that safeguard the agent bank, lenders, and customers
  • Support for FpML ensures accurate portfolio for all stakeholders
  • Interfacing with DTCC enables automatic balance reconciliation between agent and lenders

Secondary Loan Trading

  • Undertake par and distressed trade and optimize the loan portfolio
  • Straight-through processing via FpML ensures effective participants' share transfer
  • Prebuilt interfacing with Markit ClearPar automates trade settlement
  • Trade processing, amendments, and settlement facilities ensure smooth trade

Business Insight

  • Loan loss forecasting helps enhance business performance
  • Capture credit opportunities with detailed customer and market insight
  • Insight into compliance and operations helps mitigate business risks

Differentiated Experience

  • Prebuilt web application enhances customer experience
  • Loans dashboard gives customers insight into their borrowings
  • Centralized lending capabilities enable omnichannel experience
  • Service-oriented architecture helps tailor user experiences
  • Easy integration to corporate ERP allows embedding credit in customer's business lifecycle

Superior Pricing

  • Offer relationship-based pricing and enhance customer relationship
  • Ability to set transaction, service, and adhoc fees ensures profitable outcome

Product Features for Credit Management Services

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Proactive Credit Management Services Enabler

  • Real-time utilization tracking to ensure customers do not exceed limits
  • Credit appraisal that accurately evaluates customer’s credit worthiness
  • Exposure tracking to minimize credit losses
  • Comprehensive dashboards for holistic view of customer information
  • Proactive covenant tracking to mitigate business risks
  • Periodic tracking of credit rating to minimize customer defaults

Comprehensive Credit Origination

  • Accelerate credit line origination with a time line of a few days
  • Efficient KYC and AML checks to eliminate credit fraud
  • Ensure collateral value is accurately assessed with rigorous collateral evaluation
  • Enhance credit appraisal process to assess customers’ repaying capacity
  • Create strong covenants to safeguard the bank
  • Prequalify credit lines and enhance customer experience

Flexible Customizations

  • Range of options to customize services and products to specific customer needs
  • Effective customer’s business assessment to ensure customer gets the right solution
  • Capability to restructure credit lines to suit customer needs

Facilities to Empower Bank Staff

  • Comprehensive process framework to optimize processes
  • Credit dashboard to monitor credit exposures across customers
  • Customer 360-degree dashboards for improved customer service
  • Superior workflows to enhance stakeholder collaboration

Differentiated Digital Experience

  • Leverage prebuilt open APIs to build differentiated experiences
  • Integrate with fintechs and accelerate innovation
  • Easy interfacing with ERPs helps to embed credit into the customer's lifecycle

Simplified Codeployment

  • Easy interfacing with existing banking applications
  • Prebuilt interface to Oracle’s solution to maximize corporate credit capabilities

Product Features for Enterprise Limits and Collateral Management

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Manage Credit Exposure

  • Manage facilities real-time and reduce business risks
  • Digitally enabled credit appraisal processes to ensure faster credit proposals
  • Support for complex global limit structures enables meeting multinationals' needs
  • Comprehensive dashboard helps analyze all credit solutions availed by a customer

Streamline Collateral Management

  • Collateral pooling and contribution controls manage exposure
  • Flexible collateral management structure to meet global corporate needs
  • Reevaluate collaterals and maintain realistic limits and reflect prevailing market trends
  • Provides support for haircut maintenance for credit risk mitigation

Improve Limit Utilization

  • Multicurrency, multidimensional credit limit structures enable real-time tracking of exposures
  • Facility structure linked to customer hierarchy offers consolidated view on facility limits
  • Support for global and individual entity liability structures ensures effective liability management
  • Tracking utilization to individual transactions ensures accuracy