Self-Service Restaurant Kiosks

Looking to improve speed of service while continuing to deliver a great guest experience? Oracle self-serve kiosks offer restaurant owners unmatched flexibility and superior customer service. Kiosks can be deployed in any setting from fast casual to quick service. More restaurants are relying on kiosks powered by Simphony POS software from Oracle to speed up the order process, increase guest spend, and reduce wait times for guests.

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The Premier Cloud-Based Restaurant Kiosk System

Oracle Restaurants' kiosk solutions offer simplicity and flexibility. Kiosks are simply just another Simphony experience—no menu duplication or extra maintenance needed. Repurpose our POS hardware and choose from a variety of stands or mounts to fit your restaurant layout and preferred customer experience.

Simphony Powers Our Kiosks

Our kiosks run on Simphony natively, which means there is no special kiosk menu to manage or additional software to maintain. Simply configure your kiosk experience in Simphony menu management and your kiosk is ready to go. Real-time access to transactions in Simphony Reporting and Analytics enables data-driven business decisions and the delivery of targeted promotions to drive order values across all channels.

  • Beautiful HTML5 UI
  • Intuitive customer journey and flow
  • Customized menu and photography
  • Upsell prompts
  • Tip onscreen options
  • KDS integration
Simphony Powers Our Kiosks
Kitchen Display System Integration

Kitchen Display System Integration

Optimize kitchen workflows, food quality, and speed of service. Prioritize color coded orders and updates from your self-service kiosks, website, and mobile apps in real time. Use predefined cook timings to break down each order, prioritize preparation tasks, and automatically alert kitchen staff about ticket times that have exceeded your restaurant's standards.

  • 24-Inch anti-glare display
  • IP-54 rated protection from moisture, heat, and dust
  • Touchscreen and bump bar controls
  • VESA mounting configuration

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