Real-time data integration connectivity—Oracle GoldenGate

Oracle GoldenGate replicates database transactions in real time within and across data centers to keep Oracle and non-Oracle data highly available, to prepare and propagate data for analytics and data science, and to ingest and analyze data while “in-motion.” GoldenGate offers a unique approach to connect heterogeneous data sources and targets to align operational continuity and analytic insights into a single data fabric. The list below illustrates all the connectivity.

  • Oracle Databases

    Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse
    Oracle Autonomous JSON Database
    Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing
    Oracle Database Appliance
    Oracle Database Cloud Service
    Oracle Database Enterprise Edition
    Oracle Database Standard Edition
    Oracle Exadata
    Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer
    Oracle Exadata Cloud Service

  • Streaming and Events

    Amazon Kinesis Data Streams
    Amazon MSK
    Apache Kafka
    Azure Event Hub
    Confluent Kafka Connect
    Confluent Platform (including managed Confluent on AWS/Azure)
    Google Pub/Sub (Kafka compatibility mode)
    Java Messaging Service (including IBM MQ, Rabbit MQ, others)
    Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Streaming Service
    Solace Event Broker

  • Big Data Platforms

    Amazon S3 Object Storage
    Apache Druid
    Apache HBase
    Apache HDFS
    Apache Hive
    Apache Ignite
    Azure Data Lake (BLOB) Storage
    Cloudera Data Platform
    Cloudera Hadoop
    Flat Files, local file systems
    Gridgain In-Memory Cache
    Hortonworks Data Platform
    MapR Hadoop
    Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage

  • Non-Oracle Databases

    FairCom DB
    HPE Enscribe
    HPE NonStop SQL/MP
    HPE Nonstop SQL/MX
    IBM Db2 for i
    IBM DB2 for z/OS
    IBM Db2 LUW
    IBM Informix
    IBM Netezza Performance Server
    Microsoft SQL Server
    MySQL Enterprise Edition
    PostgreSQL and derivatives
    Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise

  • Cloud Stores

    Amazon Aurora MySQL
    Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL
    Amazon RDS for MariaDB
    Amazon RDS for MySQL
    Amazon RDS for Oracle
    Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL
    Amazon RDS for SQL Server
    Amazon Redshift
    Amazon S3 Object Storage
    Azure Data Lake Gen2
    Azure Database for MySQL
    Azure Database for PostgreSQL
    Azure SQL Database
    Azure Synapse Analytics
    Google BigQuery
    Google Cloud SQL for MySQL
    Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL
    Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage
    Oracle Cloud Object Storage (Gen1)
    Oracle MySQL Database Service (including Heatwave)
    SingleStoreDB Cloud
    Teradata on AWS

  • Open Source

    Apache Cassandra
    Apache Druid
    Apache HBase
    Apache HDFS
    Apache Hive
    Apache Ignite
    MariaDB Server
    MySQL Community Edition

  • Oracle Applications

    Oracle Argus
    Oracle E-Business Suite
    Oracle Fusion Applications
    Oracle Retail Cloud
    Oracle Transportation Management Cloud

  • More Oracle Databases

    Oracle Metadata Services
    Oracle MySQL Database Service
    Oracle MySQL Enterprise Edition
    Oracle MySQL HeatWave
    Oracle NoSQL
    Oracle Spatial and Graph
    Oracle TimesTen

  • NoSQL Data Stores

    Datastax Enterprise Cassandra
    Oracle Cloud Infrastructure NoSQL
    Oracle NoSQL