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Best cloud platform for running Java applications

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is the best cloud platform for running Java applications. OCI enhances the versatility, power, and stability of Java. As the steward and leading contributor to the Java platform, Oracle continues to drive the evolution of Java in response to the demands of the enterprise and provide unparalleled expertise to support developers.

Будущее за Java благодаря постоянному развитию.

В техническом докладе JavaOne за 2022 год рассматриваются инновационные проекты Java, возглавляемые Oracle и направленные на модернизацию разработки приложений.

Run Java faster on OCI

GraalVM’s ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation enhances cloud native performance by creating executables that start almost instantly and scale for peak workloads.

Optimize existing Java applications

Take advantage of OCI services, access releases that have reached end of public update, and get expert advice from the support team.

Simplify Java management

Gain visibility and insights into Java deployments in all environments, including OCI and data centers.

Why choose Java on OCI

Application modernization is a complex process that can be aided by tools and technology. The combination of Java and OCI gives you the best app performance and stability while improving developer productivity and reducing costs.

Run cloud native and existing applications faster

GraalVM Enterprise delivers peak throughput performance by an average of 30%. The native image utility compiles bytecode ahead of time (AOT) to use less memory.

GraalVM Enterprise optimized JIT compiler accelerates Java and JVM-based long-running application performance up to 55% (JDK8), and 25% (JDK17).

Deploy Java on OCI and easily scale for peak workloads. OCI autoscales compute resources for optimum performance.

A single tool that gives insights into Java deployments in all environments

Java Management Service (JMS) simplifies discovering and monitoring for fleets of Java Virtual Machines (JVM). It is included with OCI at no additional cost.

Support from a team that provides the largest contributions to OpenJDK.

Ongoing security risk management improves your security posture

OCI users get access to Java SE patches before they are generally available, offering the flexibility to apply the patches at your own pace. Identify versions in the enterprise that need updates to meet compliance.

Java benefits at no additional cost

OCI users get the benefits of Java SE, GraalVM Enterprise and Java Management Service—without buying a license.

Take advantage of the Java Ecosystem

OCI is a designed from the ground up to serve the needs of the enterprise.

It provides a full spectrum of services to support the entire Java application lifecycle. The range of OCI Services is growing as Oracle continues to innovate in the cloud.

  • Runtime services: including Functions, Container Engine for Kubernetes, Computer, and Java on VMware.
  • Database Services: including Autonomous Database, Autonomous JSON Database, MySQL, MySQL HeatWave Database, and Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service.
Learn about the OCI Free Tier

Get started with Java on OCI

Self-service labs

Try Java on OCI with self-paced labs.

Java developer resources

Explore many performance, stability and security updates including core library additions and tooling improvements

Oracle Architecture Center

Design, develop, and implement your cloud workloads with guidance from Oracle architects and experts.

Migrate with confidence

Oracle Cloud Lift Services make the journey from on-premises to OCI easy, with expert support from Oracle for all tiers of the stack, every step of the way.