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With business expertise and global innovation, our collaboration ensures our joint clients achieve their goals.

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PwC и Oracle | Активизация прорывной производительности

Требуется оптимизировать финансовые операции, добиться соответствия нормативным стандартам или улучшить процессы управления персоналом? PwC разработает план, который поможет преобразовать бизнес с помощью успешного внедрения Oracle Cloud.

PwC offerings

Finance Transformation across Industries

PwC’s Finance Transformation offerings, banking and insurance, allow companies to accurately view their financial data, granting overall operational stability. Learn more about each of these offerings below.

Banking: PwC’s pre-configured banking and asset management model system provides a live Oracle environment with banking-specific use cases, configurations, test cases, and reports ensuring that clients’ implementations run smoothly with tried-and-true innovative solutions.

Insurance: PwC's preconfigured model system for insurance provides a live Oracle environment with insurance-specific use cases, configurations, test cases, and reports to accelerate implementation. The model system drives industry leading practices with proven solutions and provides a solid foundation for requirements gathering to help shape system design and expected outcomes.

HR Transformation

With Oracle Cloud at the core, PwC’s HR Transformation offerings enable HR teams to deploy new features and functionality, leading to better insights into their organization. This offering keeps peoples’ experiences central to a HR-led business transformation while providing digitally enabled solutions for the following services:

  • HR organizational architecture
  • HR technology
  • HR operational and process excellence
  • Change and communication
  • People data and analytics
  • HR strategy

Digital Operations

PwC’s Digital Operations supports the connected supply chain with key digital solutions built on Oracle Fusion Cloud. The solution maximizes utility throughout the value chain by seamlessly integrating product development, planning, procurement, manufacturing, logistics and warehousing all within an intelligent and digitized command center. Additional benefits include:

  • End to end visibility across the value chain
  • Real time analytics
  • Vertical and horizontal integration
  • Process automation
  • Optimized tax, risk, compliance and cybersecurity capabilities
  • Commercialization models, innovation strategy, and digital op models
  • Increased agility, automation, and accelerated time to value

Healthcare Transformation

PwC’s Healthcare Provider Transformation Integrated Solution delivers faster time to value for a healthcare provider client on their cloud journey. This offering is aligned with PwC’s Business Transformation Agile methodology (Business, eXperience, Technology) to deliver a consistent and integrated experience with predictable outcomes to help address:

  • Cost/benefit of enhanced member and patient experience
  • Manual process reductions to improve efficiency and effectiveness of compliance
  • Rate, volume, mix and what-if analysis to understand volume shifts
  • Predictive modeling to drive down costs and scale operations

Integrated Hospitality

PwC’s Hospitality model system is a pre-configured Oracle application instance that encompasses the end-to-end functionality and perspectives on how Oracle Cloud applications can be implemented to support back office finance operations. The key benefits of this solution include:

  • A reduction in initial requirements and design cycle time
  • A reduction in risk through adoption of embedded leading practices and PwC point of views
  • Maximization of return on investment in Oracle applications through delivered functionality and pre-built PaaS apps

Managed Services

To truly harness the value of Oracle, companies need a provider that can transcend traditional support services and guide them in their ongoing strategic journey. PwC’s proven tools and methods operationalize and automate quarterly release planning and execution activities while preparing you for what’s ahead—allowing you to focus on enablement of new digital capabilities and innovation.

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Интеллектуальное лидерство

Интеллектуальное лидерство

Премия Oracle Partner Customer Success Award 2023


2023 год принес немало результатов в отношениях PwC и Oracle. От успешной модели для клиентов до превосходства в высококонкурентной сфере программного обеспечения и технологий – выдающиеся достижения PwC задают высокую планку.

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