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Migrate from Hyperion to Oracle Cloud EPM

Learn why thousands of Hyperion customers have made the move to the cloud and the benefits they gained.

Thousands of Oracle Hyperion customers have already adopted Oracle Cloud EPM to stay on top of innovations and be agile by coordinating better across all lines of business and finance.

  • Cloud offers immediacy of new features for users that can improve EPM efficiency and decision making. On-premises software can go two to four years between upgrades.
  • By leveraging best practice processes across Oracle Cloud EPM, customers experienced substantial benefits such as reducing the number of days in their close process and reducing time in their planning cycle.
  • Agility in financial and operational EPM processes is perhaps the most important benefit in Oracle Cloud EPM as organizations need to be able to respond quickly to what’s ahead.
I was surprised at how easy it was to move from Oracle Hyperion to Oracle Cloud EPM. I now have so much more than I did before. The updates are easy to take and aren’t disruptive and costly like they are with on-premises solutions.

Nate Shipp FP&A Manager, NCS Multistage

Learn why Hyperion customers are making the switch to the cloud.

Completely Agile EPM: The Essential Features of an Optimal Solution

Discover the 10 essential features of an optimal enterprise performance management solution.