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Doctoral Project Awards

The Oracle for Research Doctoral Project Award is a grant that gives PhD students in the UK Oracle Cloud credits, support, and access to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to accelerate and present their research.

See how our customers’ research projects are changing the world.

What are the benefits of a Doctoral Project Award?

An individual, custom-sized grant

Award-winning researchers are provided with a sufficient number of Oracle Cloud credits to comfortably carry out the work proposed in their application.

Support and technical collaboration

Receive personal support and regular check-ins from our solutions architects and research advocates for the duration of a 12-month-long research project.

Presentation opportunities

Award winners will have the opportunity to attend Oracle for Research–hosted community seminars where they can present their work alongside colleagues and collaborators.

Promotional assistance

Winners will have the opportunity to collaborate with the Oracle for Research marketing team to further promote their projects.

Steps to qualify

01Let us know you’re interested

Contact us to let us know you’re interested in hosting a one-day UK Doctoral Outreach and Training Initiative (DOTI) session. This cloud basics training session is for a group of 10 to 30 students. You must attend one of these sessions to qualify for a Doctoral Project Award.

02Attend a DOTI session

Each participant is preregistered for an Oracle for Research Cloud Starter Award to use when attending the training session—and for further experimentation. Attendees will be eligible to apply for a Doctoral Project Award after completing the session.

03Receive follow-up documentation

Documentation will be emailed within one to two days following the session. It will include a link to the application, OCI learning resources, material from the session, and additional award details.

04Apply for the award

If you’ve attended a DOTI session and are interested in applying for the award, please fill out the Doctoral Project Award application form (DOC) and email us your completed application.

Ryan Payton

“Having been a PhD student myself, I can attest to how useful Oracle Cloud Infrastructure HPC compute and storage was throughout the course of my research in the field of earth sciences. With the introduction of Doctoral Project Awards, we’re flattening the learning curve for cloud usage in research and arming doctoral students with the tools they need both now and in the future.”

Ryan Payton Senior Research Advocate, Oracle for Research

Resources for UK researchers

Doctoral Project Award application

Download the Doctoral Project Award application form, and fill out all the fields before submitting.

DOTI interest form

Download the Doctoral Outreach and Training Initiative form to see the course details.

Submit your application

Send us your Doctoral Project Award application.