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Retail Supply Chain Management

Effective retail supply chain management could be worth several percentage points of profitability. Align planning decisions to demand forecasting, inventory management, and receipt flow to drive profitable allocation and replenishment, supply chain execution, and order fulfillment.

See retail supply chain in action

C&A modernizes Mexican operations across channels, for up-to-date seasonal fashion collections
Maui and Sons streamlined inventory and added new sales channels to better serve customers
Nahdi Medical increases pharmacy fleet utilization rates by an average of 5% to 10%
SPSA grocery chain cuts costs while gaining greater agility and productivity
Bed Bath & Beyond modernizes its technology to improve predictions and meet inventory demand

Supply chain can mean the difference between omnichannel success and failure

Improve retail supply chain decisions with an accurate retail demand forecasting shopping journey

Maximize forecast accuracy for the entire product lifecycle with next-generation retail science paired with exception-driven processes, and delivered on our platform for modern retailing.

Explore Retail Demand Forecasting

Reduce working capital with inventory optimization

Optimize daily replenishment decisions, aligning the actual service level to targets with the minimum amount of inventory. This drives the reduction of working capital, mainly inventory, freeing up cash that could be reinvested more strategically.

Explore Retail Inventory Optimization

Leverage real-time inventory management

Instantly access accurate store-stock data to execute consistent, efficient, and effective in-store processes and procedures.

Explore Retail Store Inventory Operations

Drive allocation decisions with retail science at the core

Deliver products to the right place at the right time with a powerful, accurate, and easy-to-use method of allocating merchandise. Effectively allocate products through their lifecycle to get them in front of the right shoppers.

Explore Retail Allocation

“With Oracle we can better connect suppliers, inventory, and stores to ensure a streamlined operation while delivering stellar service to customers.”

Javier Swinburn

Chief Project Officer, Maui and Sons Chile

Support complex fulfillment operations with warehouse management

Manage and optimize essential supply-chain processes for omnichannel fulfillment, with complete visibility and control of orders and inventory throughout the distribution process.

Explore Warehouse Management

Improve decision-making and maximize productivity by simulating transportation options

Seamlessly manage transportation, global trade, and distribution to maximize order fulfillment and minimize logistics costs, while adapting to business disruptions and changes in your supply chain.

Explore Oracle Logistics

5 inventory planning trends from Oracle's customer community

Kristy Mills, Oracle Retail

Retail customers discuss the top five trends in supply chain and inventory planning, which are helping to shape Oracle Retail’s solution development and product evolution.

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Gain inventory agility and tips on how to get there

Sourcing Journal covered Oracle Retail’s portfolio session, which featured current and planned innovations designed to help retailers pivot to the customer and adapt to change with speed and agility with the help of cloud solutions.

Oracle recognized as a leader for the 5th consecutive year

Gartner has recognized Oracle as a Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Warehouse Management Systems report.

Discover how retailers everywhere are leveraging retail technology

Oracle's Retail Asset Community Knowledge (RACK) portal is a treasure trove of material ranging from Oracle Retail customer journeys to global event proceedings and the latest updates on Oracle Retail roadmaps.