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Учетная запись Cloud Вход в Cloud
Учетная запись Oracle

Cloud—Oracle Advanced Customer Services

We provide unmatched, tailored support for Oracle Cloud that ensures your technology investments deliver the cutting-edge innovation and performance your business needs to compete, all while supporting your IT staff and environment in the manner you desire.

Watch the video (1:59)

Expertly manage your modern cloud environment

More than ever, today’s businesses use a hybrid multicloud approach, leveraging a combination of multiple cloud and on-premises environments. Yet their teams often struggle to manage these complex systems due to constrained budgets, limited headcount, and a lack of vital IT skills. Oracle Advanced Customer Services can help.

Top four cloud challenges

IT modernization

IT departments are overloaded with administrative tasks and can’t focus on strategic goals.

Risk mitigation

IT departments find it difficult to manage a complex environment with legacy on-premises and hybrid/cloud components 24/7.

Security skills

Businesses face growing cybersecurity demands with lean IT teams and a diminishing external pool of qualified security experts.

Operational optimization

Organizations need help adopting proven processes to ensure their cloud environments run efficiently, 24/7.

Oracle and Clopay, while in dissimilar industries, are very like-minded in continually investing in innovation to advance their customers’ success. The partnership with Oracle is a key element of our customer experience strategy.”

A Vinod CIO, Clopay

Cloud solutions for your business

Enable IT modernization

Relieve your IT team from managing run-and-maintain services so they can focus on strategic and business-critical projects.

Oracle Advanced Management for Hybrid Cloud

Enhanced security

Protect data, facilitate compliance, and manage user authentication and access with security services that leverage Oracle experts.

Security Solutions

Risk mitigation

Leverage processes and SLAs that ensure availability and fast problem resolution, 24/7.

Oracle Cloud Priority Support for IaaS and PaaS

Operational improvement

Enable minimized downtime and optimal performance with ITIL-based 24/7 processes.

Oracle Solution Support Center for Cloud

Customer success stories

Veritas saves US$2.5 million with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (1:39)

As Veritas handles the growing complexity of customer data, Oracle Cloud enables better performance and scalability with significant cost savings.

IAC improves performance by 35% with Oracle Cloud (1:34)

As IAC continues to evolve and expand its online offerings, Oracle Cloud is helping by improving performance and setting the foundation for further modernization.

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