City of San José shifts 311 services to Oracle CX Service

The City of San José transforms municipal service delivery and spurs innovation by taking 311 to the cloud.


Our goal at the City of San José is to become America’s most innovative city by 2020. Oracle Service Cloud is a key component in helping us achieve our Smart City Vision. We are transforming service delivery, enhancing citizen services, and enabling data-driven decision-making.

Rob LloydCIO, City of San José

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A major technology hub in California’s Bay Area, the City of San José is the nation’s tenth-largest city, with 1 million residents and more than 75,000 businesses. The city was working to provide municipal services to citizens with a modern level of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

In the heart of Silicon Valley, the city wanted to make local government more accessible by simplifying call center management and increasing self-service options for the community of 1 million people and businesses—enabling citizen interaction through a wide variety of channels.

It set a goal to develop a system to enable customer service representatives to quickly answer daily inquires or status requests on city services.

In addition, the City of San José sought to translate service data into insights for improved service decisions, thus transforming service delivery.

Why City of San José Chose Oracle

The City of San José selected Oracle CX Service to provide a consolidated service request and communications management solution. It also gained a mobile application that enables citizens and businesses to communicate issues and ideas, as well as a platform that integrates with work management systems across city departments. In addition, the Oracle CX Service platform provides service request data, dashboards, and maps for improved decision-making.

"The city considered multiple providers and ultimately identified Oracle as the best product for San José to engage with our residents in the way we desired. Oracle Service Cloud helps transform the city from being reactive toward more responsive services and making data-driven decisions."
— Rob Lloyd, CIO, City of San José


“San José took a crowd-sourced approach throughout the Oracle Service Cloud implementation—involving seven staff areas, community groups, residents, and volunteer user experience designers. With the help of AST Corporation, we launched in just six months,” said Chris Mills, Enterprise Product Lead, City of San José.

After deploying Oracle CX Service—specifically Oracle RightNow Enterprise Contact Center Dynamic Agent Desktop Cloud Service—the city established a cloud omnichannel solution to manage 250,000-plus phone calls the city receives annually, while also providing a master record of more than 500,000 annual citizen engagements 

San José developed a searchable catalog of city services that enabled customer service representatives to respond quickly to citizen inquiries on issues such as abandoned vehicle removal, pothole and street light repairs, graffiti clean-up, and more.

Oracle also helped improved the cost-effectiveness of city services and enabled the city to respond to the rising expectations of its residents for the kind of on-demand, seamless customer experience that private-sector services typically provide by launching a user-friendly mobile application.

Leveraged the application to enable citizens to easily communicate issues and ideas with the city, as well as access real-time status tracking that helps them follow the progress of their service requests and also empower neighbors to be keepers of their community.

San José deployed “My Home Services” within the mobile application, a feature that allows residents to input their address to receive personalized neighborhood service information such as street sweeping, waste collection, and water service providers.

Also, Oracle Cloud helped reduce duplicate and inaccurate service requests and enabled the City of San José to respond to citizen questions in an accurate, consistent, and timely manner, while improving constituent self-service capabilities to reduce the contact center’s workload.

Oracle CX Service integrated with the city’s back-office systems—including its work and asset management solution—to automatically route citizen service requests to the right municipal department. It also provided the city with service request data, dashboards, maps, and insights for improved decision-making.


The city worked with Oracle Specialized Platinum Partner AST to implement Oracle CX Service, accomplishing the launch in just six months. 
Publicado:January 1, 2018