Crestron Electronics delivers world-class support and exceeds customer expectations with cloud-based customer experience solution

For 40 years Crestron Electronics, Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of advanced control and automation systems, innovating technology to simplify and enhance modern lifestyles and businesses. Offering integrated solutions to control audio, video, computer, and environmental systems, Crestron Electronics streamlines technology, improving the quality of life in commercial buildings, universities, hotels, hospitals, and homes. In addition to its New Jersey headquarters, Crestron has sales and support offices throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Latin America, and Australia.

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Understanding that customer support is essential to the company's continued success, Crestron Electronics branded its customer support team, "True Blue Support" in 2001. This commitment continues today, and Oracle Service Cloud is the foundation for the company’s customer care operations.

"Our agents take ownership of each case and incident. They worry about their customers. They communicate with them. They develop a very close relationship. Many of them become friends on Facebook with customers. It’s all about that relationship between the customer and our support team, and Oracle Service Cloud helps us strengthen this bond," said Richard Sasson, global director of technical services, Crestron Electronics, Inc.


Crestron Electronics rolled out Oracle Service Cloud to its 90 locations across the globe, each of which has sales and support operations. It uses the solution to track, manage, and analyze all customer incidents and inquiries, originating from email, chat, telephone, and postal mail channels. It also identifies trends and leverages that information to take proactive steps to improve products and the customer experience as well as evolve training programs.

"Using information from Oracle Service Cloud, we have changed our product release process based on feedback from our customers," Sasson said. The company can look at business trends from many different perspectives, including engineering, production, dealer, and customer points of view.

"The biggest impact we’ve seen with Oracle Service Cloud has been with the knowledge database. It gives us a centralized location, not only for our customers to get information but for our agents to get accurate, up-to-date information. We update our knowledge database daily,” stated Sasson. “We have morning meetings to review cases and issues from the previous days, and information from that meeting gets posted to our online help or knowledge database solution."

Crestron Electronics has greatly expanded internal and external reporting and communication with Oracle Service Cloud. For example, it reports weekly to its dealer customers on who has called in with questions or issues and how they have been resolved. It also delivers reports to technology managers and executive staff on product trends as well as escalated cases. "We track pretty much every case we possibly can within Oracle Service Cloud, and this enables us to anticipate our customers’ needs," said Sasson.

Further, Crestron Electronics tracks orders on a proactive basis. It uses Oracle Service Cloud to e-mail customers thanking them for their orders and asking to join them on-site in the commissioning of their new control and automation systems. In addition, the company uses the solution to secure customer feedback as well as assess customer support agent performance to drive continuous improvement.

The company has integrated Oracle Service Cloud with its website, enterprise resource planning system, and training database to provide agents with the complete customer view that is essential to delivering a superior experience.

Most recently, Crestron Electronics expanded its Oracle Service Cloud implementation by adding chat capabilities for technical and sales support for its dealers. The company has recently enabled chat for customer service, as well. Chat capabilities enable the company to optimize the use of support staff personnel, who can respond to multiple inquiries at the same time and across multiple channels.

Publicado:January 1, 2018