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McAfee helps customers fight cybercrime with Oracle Cloud

By running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to deliver real-time security, McAfee ESM Cloud handles up to 500,000 events per second with cost savings of 75 percent.

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About the customer

Large-scale cybercrime protection

When an enterprise experiences potential cyberattack incidents at rates of millions per minute, humans can’t effectively review and analyze the inflow of events and separate the false alarms from the real threats. That’s where software like McAfee’s Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) Cloud solution comes in.

McAfee provides a highly scalable Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution that helps security operations center teams protect their organizations against malware, hackers, and other cybercrimes.

Protection is McAfee’s business. Founded in 1987, the company is well-known for its consumer antivirus products, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. McAfee has 69,000 enterprise customers in 189 countries—including 80 percent of the Fortune 100.

When running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, McAfee SIEM can ingest security events from hundreds of thousands of devices at rates up to 500,000 events per second—a 16x improvement vs. on-premises deployments.

Customer Story

Lower cost, faster deployments

Every application, every server and network, every desktop and mobile device in an enterprise generates data that might indicate that an organization is under a cyberattack. McAfee ESM Cloud analyzes all that data to head off such risks. When running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, McAfee ESM Cloud can be deployed in only three days in most cases, instead of weeks with the on-premises version, and with the cloud customers can add capacity instantly.

McAfee ESM Cloud on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure offers 16 times the data intake capability versus on-premise deployments, handling up to 500,000 events per second coming from 600,000 data sources.

Running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure also costs McAfee one-fourth what it would have on other cloud infrastructures. McAfee can pass those savings on to customers, making its solution more cost-competitive.

Oracle Cloud portfolio

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

McAfee had a customer that needed to manage 150,000 events per second—far beyond any scale that McAfee had handled on premise. McAfee SIEM on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure processed that workload with ease.